Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Breaking point

I think I have a sinus infection now. I won't go into the gross details, but...yeah. At least I have some Amox. here to take.

Yesterday I got terrible news about a family member.

Today we find out some very disheartening news about the home we wished to purchase.

We're back to looking on the market I think. But because of the loan mix-up, we now have to look at cheaper houses. Cheaper houses that put us in neighborhoods like this one.

What's wrong with where I live?

A neighbor who is pothead who gets their stuff from the teenager down the street. The mom near by who tries to score of first said neighbor. (she should just visit the teenager down the street).

The bomb/meth lab found down the street.

The suicidal guy.

The grown men (20's and 30's) fighting outside my house...WITH METAL PIPES!! Yes, EMT's had to be called out.

I just want a good, decent neighborhood to raise my children in. I want a house where we aren't on top of each other. This one we rent is too small. The kids are hanging clothes off of their bunk beds!! There is no storage space or closet space.

I know I trust the Lord here. I know he has a plan. But right now, I am very disappointed. Right now, I don't know how much bad news I can handle or take. So far 2011 is sucking just as bad as 2010. Did you know someone in my house has been sick every week since the 2nd week in January? That alone is very stressful. Ask any mom. Now I have 2 sick kids, I'm sick, I'm not sleeping, the bad news yesterday, and the bad news today.

Yup... I am ready to crawl in bed and just stay there a while. I know this too shall pass. But right now, I'm at a breaking point.

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