Thursday, May 10, 2012

Amendment One

I currently reside in North Carolina.  I have lived here for the past 22 years.  We moved here after my father died when I was a little girl.  After being here so many years I consider myself now a Carolina Girl.

I am also, by definition, a Christian.  I believe that Jesus is God's only son.  I believe he was born of the virgin, Mary, and was crucified and died for my sins; rising to life on the third day thus defeating sin and death.  I am not perfect.  Nor do I strive to be.  My faith does not expect me to be.  It just expects me to do my best.  My faith says I'm loved JUST THE WAY I AM. All this being said....

I voted against Amendment One.

As a Christian, yes  I do hold the belief that the "alternative" life styles of the gay and bi community are sinful.  I do believe they are against God's standard set forth in the "good book".  However, it is not for me to judge people.  That is not my job.  That's HIS job.  He commanded me in Matthew not to judge others.  In fact he told me to remove the plank from my own eye before worrying about the sawdust in someone else's.  (in short, I need to worry about my own sins before thinking I'm good enough to worry about what others are doing).  In fact, the whole message of Christ is not to judge others, but to love them.  I'm tired of people using the bible as a tool to condemn others, judge them, and bolster hate.  Do other Christians really believe that is what it's for?  *SMH*  (shakes my head)  It is a tool to help each individual on their own journey.  It teaches about love and forgiveness.  It tells us NOT to judge others.  Some people just really confuse me.

Growing up, I knew several gay people.  I loved them to death.  They are exactly the same as any other HUMAN BEING!  The look the same.  They laugh.  They cry.  They hurt.  They rejoice.  They bleed.  They have good days and bad days.  After being married we moved next to a gay couple.  They were some of the nicest people we ever met.  And in my neighborhood now, there is a couple (although I do not know them personally).   Never I have looked upon any of them with disdain or contempt.  I just see at as they live their life differently than I do.  So what.  They are still people.  And doesn't my faith command I love all people?  And as free people of these United States, shouldn't they be allowed the same freedoms as others (to inquire of the medical health of a loved one?  or Cover them in their health care policy?)

I am deeply sadden by the vote of the people of my state.  What I don't think many of them understood was the North Carolina already has a law saying Gay Marriage is not legal in this state.  This amendment really had NOTHING to do with that at all.  However, because of the wording of Amendment One, it has opened up a doorway for many potential bad things.

The only union now recognized in our state is marriage.  So I'm sorry if you have lived together for 20 years.  You may now no longer be allowed to be a part of the benefits your significant other has at work (no matter your sexual orientation).  Sorry.  Many are worried now that children of unwed couples will also lose health care.  Think I'm crazy?  One county (Mecklenburg) already has a councilman on the war path to start declining coverage for gay couples.  This is only the beginning.  If you do it for the "gays" you have to do it everyone.  Because after all, isn't it illegal to discriminate?  Isn't discrimination why we, The United States, exist to begin with?  Weren't we discriminated against?

I am so disappointed in the people of this state.  Their fear has gotten the best of some of them.  Others are so deeply rooted in religious piousness that they can't see or think straight.  They pick and choose which parts of Bible to follow (forgetting Christ commanded we love everyone).  Others had no idea what this amendment really meant.  They thought it was all about gay marriage.  It wasn't.  That was already illegal here.  Others were confused.  They thought voting FOR the amendment was voting for gay marriage rights.  *sigh*  I wish people with the right to vote would have done their homework.  Several news stations did stories on Amendment One.  There was stuff all over the internet.  You just had to sit down and devote the time to looking it up.  It wasn't fun.  I know.  I did it.  I wanted to be an informed voter.  Others did it.  And yet, so many were so misinformed.  And now many people are going suffer.

The sad thing is, I can already see this being the platform for our next election in November.  It's not going to be the budget crisis, or the economy, or jobs.  Nope.  I am so afraid it's going to come down to where you stand on someone else's choice on how they live their life.  Our president as come out and supported gay rights.  And of course, his opponent will not.   And many people will cast a vote based on this one thing.  What does that say about our country?  That people are so damn nosy that will vote for the candidate that judges others the same way they do?  That many will not vote on issues we really need answers and fixes too?

Men in Black said it best:  "A person is smart. People are dumb, panicky dangerous animals and you know it."    I believe this wholeheartedly.