Thursday, March 14, 2013


Know when to hold them and know when to fold them.  The cardinal rule of poker.  If you have got a losing hand, fold it.  No sense in wasting time or money something that has no chance in hell of winning.

There are those bluffers though. Those who hold a crap hand and try to convince you it's not only a good hand, but a winning hand.  Liars.  That's what they are, simply put.  Poker is a game that celebrates lying.  The better bluffer (liar) you are, the more you win.

Life is a lot like poker.  We are dealt a hand, and we don't have a choice as to what the hand is.  But it's how we play it that matters.  Do we hold them or fold them?

Ever heard the saying, "Never kid a kidder"?  Same could be said in poker.  Never bluf a bluffer.  The trick to a good bluf (lie) is to almost believe it yourself.  Then everyone else will too.  The problem is, in life, sometimes you get so good at bluffing (lying) you do start to believe in them yourself.  Then you are really screwed.

 I have had a really good bluffer in my life.  I always bought into what they said.  I think they wanted to believe in everything they said too.  But they never did follow through.  Ever.  Talking and doing are two different things.  I thought I  had a winning hand.  I thought it would take some work, it wouldn't be easy, but it was a winner.  I should have re-examined my hand long ago.  Maybe I wouldn't be where I am now.

In Hold'em poker, you play the best of the cards dealt and hope for the best.  I think I have played this game to many times. It's time to for a new game.  A new hand maybe.  Time to cut loose the cards that aren't winners and focus on what is.  Maybe then I'll have a chance at winning.

I'm folding this one.  I'm changing the game.  Life is too short for this crap.  So deal me a new hand.  I am finally ready.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Ryan Recalls On Fireplaces and Frontload Washers

Ryan has issued two recalls on products.  One is on some of the fireplaces, the other is on front load washers.

Please visit    and click on the links to see if yours is part of the recall.