Wednesday, February 25, 2015

HP Computers Are a Waste Of Your Time and Money (in my opinion)

So here's our story.

Less than 2 years ago, I received a laptop as gift.  A very nice laptop at the time.  With in the first 3 months we had to send it back.  The thermal drive was bad.  Shortly there after, my screen stop working properly.  It got sent back for a screen repair/replacement.  Since that time the screen has had issues.  Do you know/remember what tv's use to do when the programing went out?  They got all fuzzy and full of static.  Welcome to my new computer screen.  We have called about it.  They told us to loosen screws and do this and that.  The problem not only still exists, and got worse.  We have actually had this one laptop fixed under warranty several times.  And yet, the screen issue still exists. 

We got so fed up we bought a 2nd laptop the last time the original was in the shop.  We were talked into buying from the same company, HP.  I really did not want too.  But we were told the problems that our original laptop had were truly an anomaly, a fluke.  That HP made great products and had good warranty and customer service,  blah blah blah.  I was skeptical, but we bought a 2nd laptop.

It's been sent in for repairs under warranty as well.  Twice.  It's less than a year old.

We do take very good of our laptops.  They don't travel outside of home.  They are not carried or dropped.  They are not on the floor to be stepped on or kicked.  They are in wonderful shape.  Our children do not use them or touch them.

Back to laptop #1.  As I have said, we have contacted the company several times about this.  The laptop is finally out of warranty.  And now they want us to send it in.  And they want to charge us half the price of a new laptop to fix it.  Really? 

My husband had been on the phone, today alone, over 2 hours now and is being transferred to yet a 6th person to talk to about this.  The problems stemmed from a warranty repair on the screen.  We have contacted them about the issues sense.  And only now do they want us to send it in and they want to charge us way too much to fix it. 

To say we are frustrated is an understatement.  The fact that we have bought 2 laptops from this company and BOTH needed several warranty repairs with in the first few months say a lot all on it's own.  And we are not talking about $250 laptops here folks.  We are talking both laptops cost between $700 and $1000 all on their own. 

It would seem that the people at HP did want to bothered to fix the problem they created until it was finally out of warranty so they could charge us for it.  The products don't last.   To have purchased not one, but 2, and have them both in warranty repairs with in the first few months.  That's just crap.  That's a crap product. 

Since we started voicing our displeasure with HP, many have also told us very similar stories of purchasing an HP laptop/notebook, only to have in for repairs with in the first several months. In my opinion, I would not invest your time and money into buying HP products at this point.