Saturday, October 22, 2011

Do you read this one too?

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I know. I know who you are. You over played your hand. I was pretty sure I knew for a while now. It wasn't hard to piece this together. But software is a wonderful thing~! Especially ones that can track you down to your address. So just know, you are not "Anon" to me anymore.

I moved here to get away from drama. I'd like to thank you for bringing it back into my life.

You know what this about. I never had anything bad to say about you on a personal level. I thought you were a nice person. Thanks for proving me wrong. I'm sorry I didn't do things they way you wanted me too. But you don't control my life. You don't have to be okay with the decisions I make. I do. And I am. I'm glad to see you seemed to have moved past pretending with me now.

You can think whatever you want about me. But it doesn't really say much about you,though, that you were so quick to say I was wrong, when I was right. Or that you say I have no life, but you are the one following someone you don't even like. Or that you believe everything you hear without getting the facts straight from the source. Everyone makes mistakes. I was hoping maybe you just had a bad day and I was the one you took it out on. But apparently not. I have given you every opportunity to talk to me and make it right. You haven't.

Do I hold this against you? No. I don't. Or at least I'm trying not too..I wish you nothing but the best. I truly do.

I'm sorry it turned out like this. I really am. I liked you. Things in another area may have went a bit... astray. But I liked you on a personal level. But seeing the paths that have been chosen, I guess I should be grateful things turned out like this. This way I won't waste any of my time here on out and neither will you.

I'm sorry things turned out this way. I wish we could have discussed this like 2 adults. But I see the paths that have been chosen.

I hope that you have a wonderful life. I hope you never know the pains we have known, the struggles. I hope that life is good to you and your family.

I'm sorry things did not turn out better.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A good one makes all the difference.

Last year, I had a daughter just start school. She was proud to be kindergartner. Her teacher was new to teaching. She was very nice. A lovely person. But at our conference in October, I was alarmed at what she had to say about my daughter.

My daughter was an introvert. She had little friends, and did not participate in group in work. She was shy. And she wasn't reading well, but the year just started. In short, my daughter was struggling. At Christmas I got a note home saying she was considered a non-reader. She was officially below grade level.

What were we going to do? As a mom, you want the best for your kids and it just breaks your heart when something like this happens.

At home we really stepped some things up in her reading. I made sure to praise her as much as possible for a job well done.

Her teacher and I talked. We both knew my daughter had some issues with speech, but as the year went it on, it did not improve. Her teacher noticed that because it was hard to understand her sometimes, her peers kept asking her "What did you say?" After a while, my daughter stopped participating in everything. Her self-esteem plummeted. She stopped trying.

Her teacher did everything she could to get my daughter into speech. Towards the later half of the year, she was finally excepted into it. As her speech improved and her confidence started to as well. She was starting to turn corners. =)

This year my daughter is a proud 1st grader. And proud she should be! She loves school!! She loves her teacher.

We just had a parent-teacher conference with her teacher. She works well with others, is social, and best of all.... is above grade level in everything! =)

Her teacher last year was pro-active in helping us do what needed to be done to help my child. She didn't just let her slip through the cracks. Her teacher this year is amazing as well, and really knows how to reach the kids. I credit them both with my daughter's turn around.

I just sat through 2 different parent-teacher conferences today. Each teacher had to be super organized. Each student had their own folders of work, testing scores, ect. These people aren't just responsible for teaching our children, but for documenting and recording everything about them as well. They have to do this for over 22 kids a day (in one teacher's case, over 60 kids a day). They have to plan, educate, document. They have to continue their education, have meeting, and grade papers. They have to have these conferences. They have to keep our children engaged. And somehow, find time to live their own lives. When do they find the time? There are days I have a hard time keeping up with my 3 kids. How do they keep up with 20+ kids a day, and do it so well, I don't know.

But I am thankful. I am thankful for these good teachers. Good teachers make all the difference. They have a heart for it, for the kids. It's not a paycheck. And no matter what anyone thinks, I don't think it's an easy job either. It's an extremely important job, educating our future. They are paid very little, in my opinion, for what they do. And yet, each year, there is a new crop of graduating students ready to start teaching. God bless them!

I am a firm believer in that a good teacher makes all the difference. And I am so thankful for the teachers my daughters have had. My youngest school age daughter went from being in danger academically and socially, to flourishing now.

My other daughter's teachers have always noticed her areas of advancement and have been able to push her harder and further. Therefore, she was not left to linger either or get bored. She has gotten, and is continuing to get pushed to her potential every day.

Nope. I don't know how they can keep up with so many kids. I wish parents would take a step back sometimes, and really think about what these educators go through on a daily basis. A good teacher is more valuable than gold.


I was just blasted tonight by someone without a face. Up to the point of name calling. Apparently I'm an idiot.

There is so much this person did not know because they never talked to me directly about any of it. They blindly believed gossip. And then they took the internet to personally attack me. Calling me names and saying I don't have much of life. Takes a big person to do that behind the name "anonymous".

I was to the point of tears after reading what they had to say. So much of it was wrong. And apparently, it would seem, as if they have others believing what they have said. I worry about how so much miscommunication has lead to so much hostility. I worry about how this may actually effect my children. I moved to get away from drama, and yet here it is. This makes me want to crawl in a hole and hide. I'm sure they'd thrilled if I did that.

I have no idea who the person is, this "anonymous". But yet they know who I am. They even know how to find me. But instead of being an adult about all of this and just talking to me, they decided it was better to try to tear me down and call me names.

Maybe they are right. Maybe I don't have much of a life. My husband works more than he is home. He eats with us twice a week. That's it. I am left to raise my 3 kids most (not all, but most) of the time by myself. I do a lot with my family and I have friends. I keep blogs. But honestly, how come I am the one with no life? Who gave them the power to judge to me? They don't even know me.

Is it because I'm trying to pass information on? I'm not the one following someone I can't stand for the simple reason (as it would seem) just to tell them how stupid they are. If I don't like something, I try not to spend too much time with it or on it. (unless it's chores. I hate those. But those I have to do. lol) And yet I'm the one being told I haven't much a life. I don't get it.

It seems as if others around me believe all this person has said too. I could be wrong. But I don't know because no one will talk to me about it.

I don't think I'm a bad person. I try to be helpful. And I'm not going to sit here and list the few helpful things I have done for those around me. It's not about that. That's between me, them, and God. But I can't say how much it hurts to know there are people out there, close to me, who can't stand me, and I don't know why. It would seem like it all steams back to a particular event. But even that really was no concern of theirs. Not really. I just don't understand it.

It's one thing to be disliked and know why. That I can live with. Not everyone is going to like us. That's life. But for others to really go to these lengths, name calling and such, and not know what I have done. For everything they had listed as issues, were all wrong. The stories were all wrong.

It makes me just want to hide. Not to be seen anymore, by anyone, but those whom I have known for years.

Maybe I'm just over sensitive tonight because I haven't been feeling too well today, and it was one of my husband's 12 hour days. When you don't feel well, you want help with the kids. You know? I don't get that luxury. So I tend to be a bit over sensitive on days like this. Man I hope I don't feel like this tomorrow.

My husband has been wonderful and has helped me to keep some perspective. I have him and the kids. I have neighbors I adore. I have wonderful family. I do have friends I love. And all of them know I'd do anything for them.

I think I have a good heart. Do I make mistakes? Of course! Don't we all? But I have never done anything with malicious intent. Which is more than I can say for the person who attacked me tonight. The people who know me, know me. This person does not. Why am I letting it bother me so much?

When my husband asked me that, I told him I was worried about it effecting our kids in the future. Other than that, he's right. Why should I care so much? I don't know. But I do. And I hurt. But as that old saying goes, that which does not kill us, makes us stronger. Right? I have weathered a lot worse in life than some person who hides behind "anon" calling me names. And those who know me, know what I mean. This isn't middle school. I'm not going to resort to name calling. I have offered this person a chance to talk, like adults. After all, we all make mistakes, right? Maybe they were having a bad day too and I was just the outlet for pent up anger. Who knows. I try to give people the benefit of the doubt. Maybe one day they'll talk to me. They may not ever like me, but it would be nice to set what they think is right, actually right.

I want to just crawl in hole about right now. It's been a long, hard day. This too shall pass. Eventually.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Radical Move Mr. President, Call to action

Dear. Mr. President:

What happened? Seriously?

I have always believed you to be a strong speaker that could motivate crowds. That is, actually, how you got elected correct? You promised us Hope. You promised us Change.

I'm sorry Mr. President, but this voter doesn't see any of that "hope" you promised us. Under you, our country went from really bad, to worse. At least under the last president, we were at least (as a whole) patriotic. We had something to smile about and be proud of. And yes Mr. President, you got some of those bad guys. But our morale is down. More families are suffering. You want to measure your success as a president? How many more children don't have enough food since you have taken office? How many more families are struggling? (to see what I'm talking about visit

Now, to be fair, I do realize you are only 1 man. This can't all totally rest on your shoulders. We do have Congress and Senate to help shoulder some of this blame. But Mr. President, where are those great motivating speeches at now? Why are you not using your power to motivate Congress? Why aren't you standing up on our televisions and telling the rest of us the truth? You can't do this all by yourself. You need our help! It's time to be radical, Mr. President. America is already bonding together. Are you with us, or against us?

You can probably guess that just about everyone up there in Washington is about to be voted out, including you. Numbers don't lie. And deep down, I think you know this. You want to hold on to that position you love so much? Than it's time for you stand up against *gasp* big government. It's time for you to show that you are FOR THE PEOPLE!!!

Mr. President, I want to see you on my tv screen motivating the rest of us to take charge!! To vote out those who only look after their own well-being. I want to see you say you have had it with those idiots in congress too.

I do NOT want to see you siding with them. Raising hard working, middle class people's taxes. Most of the middle class wouldn't mind a small tax increase if you actually had the guts to tax the rich too.

Quit playing politics, Mr. President!! Start working for those who voted you in. Start working for those you want to re-elect you. Your country is suffering and looking to you for help. That is your job. Will you help us?