Thursday, October 13, 2011

Radical Move Mr. President, Call to action

Dear. Mr. President:

What happened? Seriously?

I have always believed you to be a strong speaker that could motivate crowds. That is, actually, how you got elected correct? You promised us Hope. You promised us Change.

I'm sorry Mr. President, but this voter doesn't see any of that "hope" you promised us. Under you, our country went from really bad, to worse. At least under the last president, we were at least (as a whole) patriotic. We had something to smile about and be proud of. And yes Mr. President, you got some of those bad guys. But our morale is down. More families are suffering. You want to measure your success as a president? How many more children don't have enough food since you have taken office? How many more families are struggling? (to see what I'm talking about visit

Now, to be fair, I do realize you are only 1 man. This can't all totally rest on your shoulders. We do have Congress and Senate to help shoulder some of this blame. But Mr. President, where are those great motivating speeches at now? Why are you not using your power to motivate Congress? Why aren't you standing up on our televisions and telling the rest of us the truth? You can't do this all by yourself. You need our help! It's time to be radical, Mr. President. America is already bonding together. Are you with us, or against us?

You can probably guess that just about everyone up there in Washington is about to be voted out, including you. Numbers don't lie. And deep down, I think you know this. You want to hold on to that position you love so much? Than it's time for you stand up against *gasp* big government. It's time for you to show that you are FOR THE PEOPLE!!!

Mr. President, I want to see you on my tv screen motivating the rest of us to take charge!! To vote out those who only look after their own well-being. I want to see you say you have had it with those idiots in congress too.

I do NOT want to see you siding with them. Raising hard working, middle class people's taxes. Most of the middle class wouldn't mind a small tax increase if you actually had the guts to tax the rich too.

Quit playing politics, Mr. President!! Start working for those who voted you in. Start working for those you want to re-elect you. Your country is suffering and looking to you for help. That is your job. Will you help us?

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