Monday, November 28, 2011

Thank You God!

So very thankful to have moved!

I just recently heard of a "prank" that was played on some old neighbors by girls my children's ages. Girls my girls knew.

Apparently stuff was taken, stuff was put in the door jam/lock area of one of the cars, and "DIE" was written on a window (of the house I think, but could be the car). Um...yeah. And of course, no one is admitting to it.

I know kids around the age of 10 can be mean. Especially girls. But wow! I'm so thankful to be in this house, here. I am so very thankful for some of THE MOST AMAZING neighbors a person could ever want.

Everyone here is friendly, but also minds their own business. I can come to have great affection for my neighbors here. There isn't anything they couldn't ask, that I wouldn't do my best to do for them.

I had a few neighbors "back there" I felt the same way about, but for the most part, everyone there scared me. People really weren't parents to their kids at all (as you can tell by the aforementioned incident). I can't imagine ANYTHING like that happening here. But if for some really crazy reason it did, parents here would each question their children and get to the bottom of it together. That is vibe you get here. "Back there" everyone is saying it's not their kids and, well, I guess the homeowners are on their own. See the difference?

There is a since of community here, of friendship. The people here are actually parents to their kids! People here have respect for one another. I'm so glad people like this still exist, and communities like this still exist. I grew up in places like this. I'm so thankful to be raising my kids here.

So thank you, Lord, for this amazing, safe place to raise our girls. Thank you for our amazing neighbors. Thank you for taking care of us!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

2 Parties in 3 days

We had our family Thanksgiving at our new place this year. It was great! I had such a wonderful time! We had about 20 people here total for that. I think it was great. The company and food were wonderful! (And, I didn't burn the turkey! WOOHOO!) We had turkey, dressing, corn pudding, broccoli casserole, green beans, mashed potatoes, sweet potato casserole, and roles. MMMM Everyone pitched in and it was great! Desserts included 2 different kinds of cookies, pumpkin pie, caramel cake, coconut pie, brownies, and water gate salad. I think there were enough leftovers for everyone to take some home. lol

Friday, my girls and I spent decorating indoors for Christmas (as is our tradition). With it being a new house, we had some to figure out where we were going to put things. So it took a bit longer than expected, but we had fun. =)

Then Saturday was my eldest's 10th birthday. We spent the day out and about getting ready for the party. Her favorite pizza for dinner followed by a party with over 30 people here. Man I had NO idea that girls were so LOUD!! lol But they had fun.

My eldest doesn't like traditional birthday cake, so we had cupcakes, ice cream cake, German chocolate cake, and red velvet cheese cake to choose from. My SIL even made toffee! MMMMM

After dessert, the men started a fire out in the fire pit. The kids loved it! They finally got to see what happens when you throw one of the crystal sticks into it. The flames turn blue, purple, and green. AWESOME!!

All the kids got a long wonderfully. I think the adults did too. My daughter said it was her best birthday ever. So to me, I count it a success. =)

As she laid in bed last night, we talked. She was blown away when I told her how many people were here to celebrate with her. I told her she was very loved. She said she was very blessed. (That's my girl!) To be honest, I was pretty blown away by everyone that came. Some dear friends of ours wanted to be here, but do to circumstances, they couldn't make it. But I know they were here in spirit. It meant so much to both me and my daughter that everyone wanted to be here for her.

But I have to tell you, having 2 big get togethers in such a short time has worn me out. I need to clean my house, again, but it's going to have to wait. I'm taking today to be absolutely lazy and get my barrings back. lol And I'm sure the girls are going to enjoy just chilling out and playing today. Laundry and chores can wait. Today is about rest, for us all. It's been one crazy week.

I have thought about some of my online friends this week. I hope each of them have had just as wonderful a time this holiday weekend as we have.

Happy Holiday's ya'll! Enjoy this time with your loved ones. They are what make it so special.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

All day something has ate away at me.

Thanks to software, I have confirmed who I thought tried to rip me apart on another blog. Gotta love technology. Did you know there is software out there who can track you down to your address and map it for you? Be careful what you say and where people. Just because you do it as "anon" doesn't mean you ARE anonymous.

EDITED: I decided to delete this post as it is not worth my time or energy. And honestly, it's not the kind of person I want to be.

To the "anon", just know I know who you are. I even know where you live, what operating system your computer has, and a bunch more. Software is a great thing. Go on with your life, and I will go on with mine. Leave me alone and I'll leave you alone.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


We are having our first holiday here in the new house. I get to host Thanksgiving! =) I have lots of help. Which is a VERY good thing since I haven't ever cooked a turkey before. lol Hope it turns out okay! I'm glad for the help (and they probably will be too). On Christmas I get to do it alone. YIKES! lol

I'm sitting here thinking on things right now. And to be honest, November has been a bit brutal on me. But! But but but.... I am sitting here content. Content and thankful. I am so happy for the family I have. I have an amazing husband, 3 girls I adore, and a beautiful home. I have sisters I'm close too and count as some of closest friends. My mother is my hero. And I can't imagine my life without all my aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents.

I even have the best in-laws a girl could ever ask for. My BILs are funny and caring. My SIL is like a sister to me. And MIL is not only one of my best friends but also like a 2nd mom. My FIL is the only "dad" I have now.

Life is always going to have it's "issues". There will always be "something". Whether it's a sick kid, finances, the car needing something, or one of the many other things there could be. You can't wait for "perfect" to be happy and content. You have to find it where you are now. And I have so much to happy about. I even have a circle of friends that continue to amaze me with their support, humor, strength, and wit.

Great family, amazing friends, Love. That's what I have. That's what I'm most thankful for. How blessed am I, that I can sit here feeling this happy? This content, despite certain circumstances in life right now?

Thank you Father God for all of this. Thank you for family. Thank you for friends. Thank you for all I have. Help me not squander it.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

All systems on GO GO GO!

Wow. I was looking at the calendar today and I'm on "go" until the end of the year.

Next week is Thanksgiving. I am hosting! =D I do have help, thank God! (and God bless them! We have about 20 people to feed) I consider it my training for Christmas. lol So between now and then, I'm cleaning, shopping, and getting ready. I can't wait.

Then next Saturday is my eldest's 10th birthday. Just two days after "turkey day". I need to get my brain wrapped around that one and finish getting stuff ready for that one!

After that I need to finish decorating for Christmas and doing our Christmas shopping. Why? Well, the 2nd weekend in Dec. my sister is moving and we're helping. It's also my baby sister's birthday and my grandmother's birthday. Talk about your crazy weekends!

The following weekend our family from Germany arrives. We haven't seen them in years! I can't wait. They are staying for 3 weeks! So lots to do with them while they are here. And then... It's Christmas! We have a big family gathering Christmas Eve for my side of the family. Christmas morning is for my kids. And then I am hosting a Christmas lunch for my husband's side of the family, and then dinner with Germans!

And of course there is annual New Year's Eve bash! I can't wait!!

And even though I'm going to be "balls to the wall" for the next 6 or so weeks, I'm so looking forward to it. My best girl friends (I have known for 20+ years) and I are even planning a girls night sometime in the middle of all this chaos to just center ourselves and detach from the stress. I hope we can work it out.

My husband works A LOT. He is off 1 day a week and it's a week day. He won't get a Sunday off again until almost Christmas. He works mostly 12 hour days. His earliest day off he is home by 7 pm,and that's one night a week. Every other day he is home closer to 10 pm. So I get most of the holiday stress squarely on my shoulders, plus raising our 3 young girls and making the holidays fun for them (baking, Christmas lights, shopping, ect). But...

My Darling Husband (DH for short) has Dec. 18 - 25 off of work. I couldn't be more excited about this! We'll have some awesome family time! And not just us and our girls, but with extended family too.

The holidays have always meant so much to me. And as crazy as they can be (and stressful), I love them. And now this year, my entire side of the family will be here. =) All my aunts, uncles, cousins, ect. Even family from 1/2 way around the world. OMgosh! We'll have about 30 or people Christmas Eve. WOW! That's like an office party! lol We sing carols, open gifts, and eat like kings. Kids run around in their jammies and while the adults enjoy a "beverage" and good conversation. No words could describe what it's like. You'd just have to be there. There is this core sense of family and togetherness. There is joy. There is... no words. None. Movies and fairy tales know what it is. It's magnificent. It's magical.

I am about to embark on one of the craziest times of the year. And I am so excited to do so. I'm sure I'll blog about the stress from time to time (I am only human and I'm sure it'll get it me some). But thinking about how wonderful the holidays are for us, it makes me wonder how others spend this time of year. I wonder if it's as magical for them as it is for us? Everyone should experience some holiday "magic". If I could make that happen for everyone, I would.

So in case I forget, or get to busy, Happy Holidays Ya'll! It's now upon us. And I wish everyone the very best of them all!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Sometimes a picture is what we really needed to hear.

The following picture was posted on FB yesterday by a friend. The comments under it were interesting....

Powerful photo. Jesus and the devil battling it out. Don't people settle disputs and bets this way? "Okay, if I win I get... and if you win you get..."

The devil is big and scary looking. Jesus seems more calm and determined.

From their hands down, the dark vs. the light seems to be about even. But above their hands tells a different story. Is it foreshadowing? The light is definitely taking up more the frame.

Anyway..... I had commented under my friends picture that "I know who wins". Another person had the following comments to make after that:

"No offense my money is on the guy with the horns lol Jesus faith may be stronger but look at the guns on Lusafer" (I know Lucifer is spelled wrong. It was a simple copy and paste folks).

And that right there just sums up so much, doesn't it?

I had so much on my mind when I came across this picture. Our finances, some particular family members, and the health of those in my home (as we are sick over here). But this one picture, and discussion it incited, put things into perspective for me real quick.

Of course the devil looks bigger. That's the point. He wants to seem big and scary. He wants to be afraid. Afraid of him? Sure. But also afraid of your current circumstances. For fear drowns out faith. And the more we give into fear, the stronger we allow it (and the devil) to be in our lives. The more power we give him.

I do know who wins this battle, and it's not the devil. But if I believe that, then why am I giving into fear so much? Why am I not just praying, giving my concerns to the Lord, and trusting in Him to take care of us one way or another?

So yeah... My "AH HA!" moment. I gave it to Him. And I had to do it again this morning, and I will continue to do it every day if I have to. I don't want to stand in fear. I want to stand in faith. Why?

Because I know, if I stand in faith, it won't matter how "big" the devil thinks he is. He WON'T win. It's already been written. It's already been declared. It's already been PROMISED!

And by giving to Jesus, I don't have to be the one in this "arm wrestle" with the devil. Jesus takes my place.

Sometimes a picture does say more than we think.... Sometimes a picture is what we really needed to hear.

Monday, November 7, 2011


Talked with my husband tonight. I have a feeling it's not over with yet. Several family members are going through some stuff and it's really opened up some communication between us.

I am sitting here tonight feeling incredibly grateful. I love my husband. I love my family.

My husband is a good man. He's a diamond. He started out rough, but with time and pressure (by life) he has become beautiful and strong. He puts the kids and I first now. Always. He helps out around the house. He does what he can to help me out with whatever, whenever. All this and working 60+ hours a week. He helps out those in need, and is always there for family, no matter which side the family is from (mine or his). He is a giver. And he truly loves us, his family. He's not perfect. But who is? He is perfect for me. For us. He. Is. Amazing.

My 6 yr old had a thanksgiving program at school tonight. Man I love my kids. She did the best she could and was awesome! My 2 yr old loved listening to the kids sing. She would rock and sway in her chair. And when each song ended, she clapped with more enthusiasm than anyone else there. And my 10 yr loved to comment on the program and her sister. They are such wonderful kids. Kids who care about others. Kids who love their family.

My mom, MIL (mother-in-law), sister, and her two daughters (as well as my husband and I) were all there supporting our 6 yr old as she sang, giggled, smiled, and fidgeted. You got love 1st graders. I love that our family is this close. That we all get together for something as simple as a 1st grader's singing program.

My family is one where my side and his side can get together, and we're just family. There is no... angst? weirdness? I am unsure of the word, but it's not there. We're just... family. It's so good.

I have a mother who would go to the end of the world and back for me. I have 2 sisters who are among my closest friends. I have a MIL who is not only like a 2nd mom to me, but she is also among my closest friends. I have a SIL (sister-in-law) I adore. I have BILs (ok, if you aren't keeping up by now... well, I'm sorry) that I love and adore. I have always wanted brothers.

I have extended family whom I am close too. I have a husband who is amazing, and kids I wouldn't trade for all the money in the world.

I have friends. REAL friends. Friends that know that life sometimes gets busy, but that I'm always there for them and them for me. Friends like Jennifer, Andrea, Amanda, Dale, Nikki, Dee, Jamie, ect. Most people are lucky if they find one or two of these friends in their entire life. And here I am with many (well, at least in my book). We share each others joys, trials, and sorrows.

No matter what the future may hold, I know that I am one blessed lady.

Life isn't perfect. We all have our share of trouble, struggle, and unfortunately... drama, from time to time. We all are still growing and learning from our mistakes. We always will be. But it's good to know, that when it comes down to it, I am one of the most blessed people (compared to many). I have so VERY much to be thankful for. And I am. I really am. For I have some of THE BEST people in my life to share it with.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

I asked my kids something today..... and wow.

At dinner every night, we go through something with the kids. We do one of the following:

1. Tell them to tell us something new they learned at school that day. Anything. But it has to be something they didn't know before.

2. Play "Did you know". In this game we each take a turn starting out with saying, "Did you know..." and then we fill in the end. It can be saying something as simple as "Did you know my favorite color is purple?" or it can be as profound as "Did you know that Pluto is not a planet?" The point is to state something we want others to know that they may not know, personal or educational.

3. I ask a single question, and they have to thoughtfully answer it. They can't answer immediately. They have to think about it and answer it honestly. There are NO wrong answers here. The point of this is to get to know them better and get them thinking.

Tonight we did #3. And here is the question I posed (please forgive the punctuation): If you could have anything, ANYTHING! Pretend we are billionaires! If you could have anything for Christmas, what would it be?

I am in awe of the answer I got.

Their answer: We just want everyone we love to have the most wonderful Christmas ever.

There are days when I feel like I'm failing, failing as a mother. Days where I make mistakes. Days when I wish I had just a tad more patience and wished I hadn't raised my voice to them. Days when I feel like I could do better.

But on days like this. Days when they answer simple questions like this.... Well, it gives me hope. Hope that I may not be failing them as much I feel like I am some days. Maybe, just maybe, I am doing something right after all.