Monday, November 28, 2011

Thank You God!

So very thankful to have moved!

I just recently heard of a "prank" that was played on some old neighbors by girls my children's ages. Girls my girls knew.

Apparently stuff was taken, stuff was put in the door jam/lock area of one of the cars, and "DIE" was written on a window (of the house I think, but could be the car). Um...yeah. And of course, no one is admitting to it.

I know kids around the age of 10 can be mean. Especially girls. But wow! I'm so thankful to be in this house, here. I am so very thankful for some of THE MOST AMAZING neighbors a person could ever want.

Everyone here is friendly, but also minds their own business. I can come to have great affection for my neighbors here. There isn't anything they couldn't ask, that I wouldn't do my best to do for them.

I had a few neighbors "back there" I felt the same way about, but for the most part, everyone there scared me. People really weren't parents to their kids at all (as you can tell by the aforementioned incident). I can't imagine ANYTHING like that happening here. But if for some really crazy reason it did, parents here would each question their children and get to the bottom of it together. That is vibe you get here. "Back there" everyone is saying it's not their kids and, well, I guess the homeowners are on their own. See the difference?

There is a since of community here, of friendship. The people here are actually parents to their kids! People here have respect for one another. I'm so glad people like this still exist, and communities like this still exist. I grew up in places like this. I'm so thankful to be raising my kids here.

So thank you, Lord, for this amazing, safe place to raise our girls. Thank you for our amazing neighbors. Thank you for taking care of us!

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  1. Wow. I wonder what those girls would think if someone did that to their stuff. Kids these days don't seem to get the idea that you don't do bad these to others because you wouldn't want them done to you. I think growing up the worst we would have done was pour water on a lock in freezing weather. Some kids would t-p houses. Pranks are pranks, but true vandalism is ridiculous. And the fact that the parents would cover for them is even more ridiculous.