Thursday, September 22, 2011

Is Chivalry Dead?

I was flipping through the channels this afternoon while my youngest napped, and this question was asked, "Is chivalry dead?". It made me stop and listen to the them discuss it. One person said they didn't think it was dead, but that it was dying. WOW. This made me think.

My husband, is first and foremost, a man. He is forgetful, and sometimes well.... A man. Ladies, you know what I mean. But he still opens doors for me. We'll be married 12 years next month and he still does this. He still won't let anyone talk down to me. And when I'm sick (really sick), he puts to bed and waits on me, makes sure I have my medications when needed, gives me soup, and if needed, will hold my hair while I get sick. And he'll step right up with the girls and do what I do with them (only in his way).

Is chivalry dead? Not at my house. And believe it or not, this is not a post about my husband, but my girls instead.

We are raising three daughters. I want them to be treated by a man the way they see their dad treat me. I want them to know they are worth it.

A man should never talk down to his spouse/girlfriend. A man should never raise a hand to her. A man should never belittle her or make her feel as if she has no worth.

A real man will make the woman he is with feel like a queen. He will let her know that she is precious to him. He will not be afraid to show his feelings or tell her he loves her.

I want our daughters to know this. I want them to expect it!! Because the minute they don't, the minute they lower their standards, it will be lost. Men will treat you the way you allow them too. If you set a high bar in the beginning, they (more times than not) will want to meet and/or exceed that bar. They want to impress you. And sooner or later, it will become habit.

In the same respect, my girls need to know how to treat a man. They are not your servant. They are not your punching bag. They require respect and admiration, the same as we require it. They should never take their men for granted, but always be appreciative of them.

It's a give and take.

Parents, teach your children these things. Teach them how to treat and respect one another. You'd be surprised how far it could take them in life..... And who knows, if everyone did this; if everyone taught their kids these things, our world may just start becoming a better place.... one person at a time.

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