Saturday, March 26, 2011

And just then....GOD SHOWED UP!!!

Ok, so today around lunch I get call from my hubby. They have had one customer all day. He said a 10 unit day would be a bad day, but now it would be a miracle. They really needed at least 15 units out. He sounded worried. He called to ask me to stop and pray for miracle. Because that is what it would take. I prayed while we were on the phone and again once we got off the phone. I prayed for at least a 15-20 car day. I also prayed for over 20 cars, and for that to be sign to us about the house. Back to this in a moment.

Late this afternoon I took my kids (along with my mom, sister, and nieces) to a fundraiser for our local Humane Society. They had a raffle and my eldest was eyeing one particular object, a dog bed for our dog. She asked if she could use the last of HER money ($5) to purchase raffle tickets. I told her it was her money, and if she wanted to donate it to this cause, it was fine by me. They got to see kitties and puppies and such. A friend of ours volunteers there and showed up to "work" the event. It was good to see her!

Later on tonight I got a text. "someone special in your house won something!" On our way home we stopped by her house to pick up the dog bed (she was nice enough to bring it home to give us!). She said the volunteers bought a ton of tickets and won everything but this. Emma won this.

I looked at our daughter on the way home and told her:

"Emma, you need to say a prayer and thank God for this. He has given you a gift. He knew the desire of your heart, and has given it to you. You were the ONLY non-member/volunteer to have won anything. He loves you. Thank Him." =) back to the beginning of this story. I just called my hubby (He was working extra late selling 2 units! YAY!!). I asked him how the place did today. He put me on speaker with his boss.
He asked his boss "Would you say that today was a miracle?"

His boss answered, "Yes! Yes I would. Today was miracle?"

So I asked how many units they sold. You ready for this?


He not only answered prayer, but he went above and beyond it!! He showed up!! Twice today when you think about it.

Now I will not presume to think that this means we will get the house. But I think it is so incredibly awesome that He has shown up today like this.

God is good!!!

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