Monday, March 7, 2011

frustrated we are trying to build a house. Exciting stuff, huh? Unless you are me.

Do you how many meeting there are just before Construction starts?

Colors meeting
Flooring meeting
Guardian Meeting (electrical)
Pre-construction meeting
Pre-drywall meeting
2nd meeting with Guardian

Most of these I have been advised (by several people) last about 2 hours each. remember. I have a toddler who MUST HAVE her naps. She's a terror without them. Forget about meetings with a toddler who has not had a nap! After that the kids get off the bus. Time for homework and dinner. It takes my kids at least an hour for homework. So any hope of afternoon meetings are O.U.T.! OUT!

So morning meetings it must be! Bean is at her best in the a.m. anyway. lol Won't be easy, but it is what it is. HOWEVER my hubby thinks that all this should revolve around his work schedule (getting off at 6 at night on his early nights). Um...No. Building this home is a temporary thing. One of his bosses did it a few years ago. And amazingly, he was able to leave work and do what needed to be done. His boss knows about us building and is supportive of it.

I told him he was going to have to be late some and just work later to make it up. He was not happy with that. I am not either. My kids and I love having him home for dinner for the few nights a week he is home for them. But like I said, this is temporary. It's about priorities. We need to get all this out of the way so building can begin. We need the move to be done before school starts. I don't want to yank my kids out of one school and into another after the school year has begun (in August).

I am prepared to do these meetings alone if I have too. He knows that. It won't be easy by myself with Bean with me, but I can do it. He knows that too. But the thing is, I want us to do this TOGETHER! He wants us to do it together too.

I just have to pray that his boss will be understanding. Supportive and understanding are two different things.

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