Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Gas Prices...WAKE UP OBAMA!

I am at loss here. Gas prices haven't been this high in 3 years. And if my memory serves me correctly, they were high because we were in a war directly with the countries with whom we get a lot of oil. Right?

Flash forward to today. Libya, from what I have gathered from the news stations, is responsible for about 2% of the world's oil. Really? Just 2%? AND...AND AND AND....MOST of it is shipped to EUROPE!!!

So can someone please explain to me why our gas prices are sky rocketing? Other than the fact the crazy oil companies made a "prediction" last year that said the prices would be $5 a gallon by this summer?

And for that matter, these barrels of gas we are using now, weren't even bought at higher prices so why gauge us so fast now? CROOKS! The oil companies are crooks! It would seem like all they care about is the almighty dollar. However, they will be directly responsible for this next wave of economic crashing.

When gas prices go up, so do the price on food, clothing, and anything else that is shipped. They have to make up the gas expense. And if prices of staples like these go up, Americans will be spending less and less on frugal things. Thus tanking our economy once again.

My message to Obama:

HELLO OBAMA!! If I, a housewife, can figure this out, why can't you and your administration? You want to earn more approval points, STEP IN AND HELP THE CITIZENS OF THIS COUNTRY! You are going to allow the oil companies to take us right back into the very recession you have tried to get us all out of.

People HAVE to work to pay bills. Now, when gas prices sky rocket like this, it's not like the companies are compensating their employees' paychecks to get to and from work. More of their paychecks are going toward gas. Which mean less is around for bills and food and clothing and such. When this happened 3 years ago, people started struggling with paying their mortgages. Because gas to get to work and food in their kids bellies was WAY more important. Do you remember the housing mess you stepped into when you became president? Well if you don't do something, and soon, you are going to recreate it. Is that legacy you want? Taking us right back to the very ways your hope and change promised to fix? Your legacy will be that of an ineffective president, a liar.

I stay home now most days a week. It's depressing really. But I try to make my outings count these days. I may not have a choice in what to pay at the pump right now, but I do have a choice on how much of it I use. If I'm going out, I'm going to make it strategic. And no more fun outings for me and the kids either. No more driving to get dinner or dinner out, or ice cream at the ice cream place. No more park play dates for a while. I don't even visit my sister who lives less than 5 miles away as much these days. No more anything that uses gas I don't absolutely have to use. This is my way of standing up to these criminals. Does anyone else care to join me?

Oh, and in case you missed it Mr. President...that means I'm not spending my gas to go out and do things to further the economy. FIX THIS!!

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