Friday, March 11, 2011

THE noey

The storm is raging all around
I run to You to quiet the sound
My tears are falling and will not end
Please, Your mercy, will you send

The waves are crashing into me
Strength to stand is hard you see
I need your help to weather this storm
In Your arms I'll be safe and warm

Help me, guide me, lead me please
Here I am upon my knees
I need your guidance, mercy, and peace
I need this pain inside me to cease

Please Lord, we need you now
to show up and show us how
Your love and mercy never end
to feel Your love and grace descend

Upon us now, and help us through
This pain we're in and confusion too
Hold us tight, and never let go
Right now, we need Your love to show



  1. If it were not for you, I would have no faith at all. Thank you for helping keep my faith alive. It's so hard to believe after all we have all been through in our lives.I know we are supposed to blindly believe, but I sure would appreciate a sign about now. Can't wait to see you next week. Love you!

  2. Even Jesus, hanging on the cross, cried out in his human form "Oh God why have you forsaken me?" If Jesus can have a crisis of faith in a terrible moment of pain, I think we are all allowed it. *hugs* Right now, we could all use a little good news. See you soon. Love you.