Saturday, March 26, 2011

I'm so magoo sometimes! lol

Today I received the testimony of Godly woman and her family. She recounted to me the struggle she and her family went through getting a new home. I can't imagine how difficult it must have been for them during that time. To hear her tell it now, wow. She makes it sound easier than you know it must have been. She has a great faith I can only one day hope to have. She and her story are a blessing to me and give me something to aspire too.

In my interactions with her, I was telling her about our journey. And I sent her some links to some of my blogs. In the running tidbits one in Feb., I had written this:

"2/20/11: There is no storm too big that isn't followed by a rainbow (The night that we went through believing for a while we weren't going to able to get a home at all for another year. It devastated us on so many levels. But it made Wes realize what he liked and wanted.)on FB by a friend"

Not a month later I wrote another blog entry about rainbows and storms, sparred on by a FB comment on my page about rainbows after storms on one of the worst days I had faced in a while. I had totally forgot about this previous entry. Was that another "tid bit"? A reminder that there does come a rainbow and this whole mess I have been walking through maybe actually have a good outcome somewhere?

Looking back on it, that second FB post came on one of the worst days my family has seen. It was definitely the worst in many many years. Was it meant as Word of Hope and I just missed it? I was so caught up in my emotions that night.... Sometimes I'm way to Magoo and miss things. =/ I wasn't in a place to really hear and receive it that night. But maybe now.... maybe....

Lord, I need CLEAR answers. Please...PLEASE!!!

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