Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Relationships, Life, and Roller Coasters.

I have had some talks lately with several dear friends.  Why is it relationships seem to have either a high or low, but really not much of middle a ground.  We're either happy or we're not.  *sigh*  And then I have talked with some who have been single and never in a real committed relationship (lets say one that lasted longer than year).  And they seem to romanticize  relationships and marriage.  I worry for them.

Relationships are hard work.  It's that roller coaster ride of ups and downs.  And sometimes, just for giggles, life likes to throw in a loop-DE-loop.  And sometimes it offers the rides backwards.  It seems like maybe the two have a lot in common, relationships and roller coasters. 

Would you enjoy the ride of a roller coaster that just went flat.  No sharp turns, to hills, no tunnels in darkness, no loop-DE-loops?  Probably not.  Maybe relationships are the same way.  If it is all flat, smooth, easy; then  perhaps it's boring.  Maybe it's our up and downs that make it worth ride?  Maybe.

When life/relationships/roller coasters give you too much up and downs and turns at once, you start to feel sick and want off the ride.  But then it mellows out for a bit, long enough to get your barrings before the next wave hits.  And when the ride stops, it's over.

And yet, we go back time after time riding the same rides.  Why is that?  Is it the thrill it gives us? 

We all go through ups and downs in our relationships.  When does someone know it's time to get off the ride?  How do you know it's okay to stay on and go another round?  I think in life, relationships, and roller coasters, it differs from one person to another.  We each have our limits.  We have our own sets of beliefs.

I think the downs make the ups worth it.  Right?  Maybe that's the point.  Maybe.  Some rides make us sicker than others.  Yet, we still ride them.  They still do something for us.  Maybe it's when the ride ceases to do something for us, we get off.  Maybe, as long we still find things amusing about it, it's still worth the ride.  Maybe.

My roller coaster of life and relationships is definitely in the middle of twist and turns.  I don't think it takes much of genius to figure out I'm dealing with some things.  But I'm not ready to jump off this ride yet.  Not yet.  Sometimes, I guess, we're just too invested. ;-)

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