Friday, February 17, 2012

In Memeory...

He was born during the Great Depression.  He worked hard to help his family and saw the tides turn.

He lived to see this country fight many wars; WWII, Vietnam, Desert Storm, and the latest round we have fought in Iraq and Afghanistan to name a few.  He even served our country at a time.

He remembered the Kennedy Assassination and Watergate.

He saw the desegregation of schools and society.

He lived through several recessions and come backs.

He lived to see our first black/African American president.

Technology went from a phone, to TV's, to the broad spectrum we have today of color, flat screen TV's, smart phones, wireless internet,  ect.  He lived to see it all.

He came from one of the last generations that knew what honor and integrity were.  He came from a generation that knew hardships, and therefore, also knew how to count their blessings.  He came from a generation who did not have any sense of entitlement, but instead knew that to get anywhere or have anything in this life, you have to work hard for it.   And he passed this all on to his family.

He was a rich man, but not monetarily speaking.  No.  He was rich in his faith.  He was rich in tradition.  He was rich in family values.  He was rich in the sense that he was loved by many.  Respected.  Trusted.  Adored.  He had wisdom and laughter.  He had character.  He had integrity and generosity.  So yes, he was very rich man indeed.  Rich where it really counts.

He leaves a legacy of love.

Going on to live a life without him in it is almost unimaginable.  But it's something we must do.  Life will never again be the same.  We have a new reality once again.  But somewhere, amongst our pain and sorrow, is also relief.  Relief that this great man is no long in pain.

His legacy of love and family values lives on in us.  He leaves us memories.  He leaves us with love.

RIP James McGoye.   We'll see you again someday.    We love you.

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