Saturday, February 25, 2012

A break in the clouds (and some ramblings about strange dreams)

*Warning:  If you are not a Christian or have not enough knowledge of the Christian faith, you will probably think I'm completely off my rocker by the end of this.  But don't say I haven't warned you.  Try and keep an opened mind.  And...well... GL! Oh, and no worries, this is not a teaching on the faith.  It is rambling of my dreams.

Yesterday morning I woke up and remembered 2 dreams I had.

The first was fairly odd indeed.  I dreamed that my children's bus for school so late coming to get them, that they almost decided to come home and have their daddy drive them.

Back Story:  My husband gets the kids ready in the morning and the bus stop is one house away.  Literally.  We watch them from the house walk up.  I usually have very little to do with it.  I get to sleep til 8 a.m.  My hubby rocks like that!  With his work schedule, it's some of the only time he gets with the kids.  So it's a win/win for everybody!

Ok, I digress.  Back to the story.  The other dream I had was just a snippet I could remember.  My husband was placing the most amazing ring on finger.  Diamonds, but not too ornate.  Simple, elegant, beautiful.

I came down stairs contemplating both of my dreams.  My DH (Darling Husband for new readers) asked me how I had slept.  I was perplexed.  I told him I had some odd dreams and then asked him about the bus.  Guess what?  My dreams was spot on.  The bus was very late that morning.  Crazy huh?  He considered having them come home but then it finally showed up.  That took me surprise.  How could such a simple, seemingly meaningless dream, been at all accurate?  And more importantly, what did that mean about the 2nd dream?

I'm not sure I have all the answers.  Maybe it's all just some weird coincidence.  But  what if the purpose of the 1st dream was to show me something about the 2nd?  What if the 2nd dream was telling my my marriage would be restored?  Beautiful even?  I'm still chewing on all this.

Then last night was ... I think I came close to hitting bottom.  It was a rough rough night.  But I started dealing with things.  Slowly.  I started dealing with missing my Granddad.  I started dealing (on some small level) with the rift that has happened with in my marriage.  I went to bed totally exhausted, emotionally and mentally.

When I awoke this morning, I was shaking.  Literally shaking.  I remembered my dream again this morning.  It was a different dream.  One that scared me in some ways.  I will try my best to re-tell it, but please remember, as dreams often do, it jumps around a little.

I was a character in a story.  I was surrounded by "loved ones".  Not sure I really knew any of them.  But it was something out of a Tim Burton movie.  Everything was dark and gray and cloudy and eerie.  We all looked like what you would imagine his characters to look like.  We were all dark and weird.  We all had "masters".  There was this one girl, a bride.  And evil looking bride.  She kept looking for her right suitor or husband.   And she kept eyeing anyone I came in contact with.  And she devoured them.  Wanting them for herself and loving the fact she thought she was causing me pain.  She fed off destruction.

But then, I had an unseen suitor.  Whenever he was around my eye would glow red, or something around me that had eyes, it's eyes would glow red.  I can't remember what I called him.  I think his name was "unseen".  And the bride was very intrigued as to why eyes would go red. It consumed her.  And then I made the mistake of saying he was on the way to where I was, Unseen was coming.  And when the suitor bride was so jealous that he had chosen me.  When he called, I was to obey.  I had to do what he said.  He was my pursuing me.  To be my master and mate.  (I know...weird right?)  He was the most powerful of all suitors.  He frightened me.  And I knew better than to anger him.  It would be disastrous.   But, that crazy bride wanted him.  Why not let her have him?  I didn't want him.  Never did.

So I ran.  He chased after me.  The evil bride chased him.  Then the dream skips.

I was in a house with my entire side family (husband, kids, sisters and their families, aunts, mom, grandmother...everyone).  We were on the 2nd story of this house.  And a horrible storm was brewing up outside.  HORRIBLE!!  I don't know if it was the "unseen" and the evil bride who made this storm, or if this was a totally different dream.

The clouds were incredibly dark and swirling.  The wind was going in all different directions and taking the clouds with them.  It was doing incredible things to the clouds.  Rain was slamming onto the side of house.  Lightening and thunder surrounded us.  Tornadoes were in the distance.   They surrounded us. Everyone inside the house, but me, was calm.  I kept running from window to window keeping an eye on the storm.  And as conditions changed, I was making a plan.  Where were all going to go should a tornado hit us?  From where would it hit?  What were our best options?  We needed to make it downstairs!  But do to the storm, for some reason, we couldn't.  We were trapped on the 2nd floor of this home.  Everyone kept telling me it was going to be okay.  But looking out those windows, I don't know how they could say that.

Just then, the clouds and wind and storm did something I can't quite explain.  The all culminated into this massive wind tunnel.  A massive super tornado.  And here it was, heading right towards us.  If it hit us....  I ran down the hall and opened a door to what I thought was downstairs to check to see if we could get down there now.  The wind was fierce.  The answer was no.  We couldn't leave the floor.  But I took a deep breath of the wind, and then shut the door.  I felt re-energized.  I walked back to the window and watched just as the storm was about to hit the corner of the house.  The corner everyone was in.  And just then, it happened.

The clouds broke.  The sun came shining through.  Everything dissipated.  It was beautiful out.  And my family never flinched.  And after I took that breath of air in, well, it affected me.  I was calm.

I woke up shaking.  First evil things, then my biggest fear, tornadoes.  The whole dream (or dreams, still not sure if it was one or two), had me wondering.  I sat down to have my coffee and pondered this dream(s).  And that's when I heard it, "A break in the clouds".

I feel like I have been in one hell of a terrible life storm lately.  It was beating me down.  It has me worried.  But what if....  What if this dream is to encourage me that I just to keep breathing Him in, and I'll see that break in the clouds?  What if it's just another reminder that it won't last forever?

Now the Tim Burton-Y stuff.....  I'm lost on.  I have a few thoughts.  What if the bride was Jezebel?  What if the Unseen one is the devil?  What if I'm in some sort of spiritual battle with the 2? 

What if this dream is showing me my spiritual battles right now and showing me that all I need to do is trust in Him, and it'll be okay?

Then again, it could all be because I ate before bed.  *shrugs*

You never know with dreams......


*notes on Jezebel

In the Bible, Jezebel was a powerful, wicked queen, and wife of a passive king called Ahab. She was a false prophetess who worshiped the false god, Baal. Baal was the god of prosperity, god of the harvests, god of fertility and sex. (Does this sound like some of the modern day gospels that some people preach?)
Child sacrifices were common. She was killed by several eunuchs at the order of commander Jehu.   Some say she was witch.

There is Spirit of Jezebel is still around.  It is hard to explain.  But it's about control.  It's about deception.  It's false doctrines.  It's about distorting things.  It's about power.  It's lust, sexual and non-sexual (as in lust for money, ect.)    It's carries with it a lack of humility and a sense of pompousness.  It's all about destroying that which is true and good.  It's manipulation.  Huh.  The more I think about it, maybe she is the perfect bride for Satan. Kinda the female version.  Kinda.  It's a very powerful spirit.  It's along study.  But I tried to sum it up the best I could to give you some kind of idea of what in the world I was talking about.
Like I said...maybe there is a point to all these seemingly crazy dreams.  Or maybe not.  Time will tell.  I do know I have peace today.  I know that I do believe a break in the clouds is coming for me.  And that gives me hope and happiness. 

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