Friday, February 17, 2012

It's okay....let go.

Why do you hold on so tight?
Why not go, head toward the light?
Is there still work left to do?
Is there still something here for you?

You know we love you and wish to see
that from all your pain you'd be set free.
A life without you is hard to face.
I'm praying for some kind of grace.

As we struggle with what is and what's to come.
A part of me right now is numb
Not wanting to face a future without you in it
But wanting the pain to be gone, I admit it.

Please know we love you, and always will
Your memory will be with us still
With each and every passing day
Our love for you is here to stay

We need not your body to love you so
It's okay to let go
We know we'll see you again someday
On the other side, be on your way

Where peace and happiness abound
Where family past can be found
Where your tears will be wiped away
And the joy found will be there to stay

And we'll see you again when our time is through
But for now, we have work to do
Just know when it feels right
It's okay to go towards the light

We love now and always will
Your passing can't change that, nothing will
This isn't goodbye, it's see you later
It's time to go and be with our creator

I love you Granddad, we all do
Thanks for being all that was you.
We'll take care of her, now worries there
You and her are in our prayers

See you soon, on the other side
May you be greeted with arms stretched wide
So when you feel it's time to go
it's okay,  to let go.

I love you Pop Pop.  


  1. By the time you commented, he had let go and passed on. Funny how life works.... huh?