Saturday, February 19, 2011


OMG. Ok. I'm so damn sick of everyone's stinking opinions on what Wes and I need to do or should do. GET OVER IT!! There is only ONE person who's opinion I have asked mother's. If you aren't her, keep your opinion to yourselves!!

We are stressed right now!! To the max!! Work could be better, that would help. His health is NOT good right now. And this house hunting thig if very stressful in itself.

We need support. Not your damn opinions!! I could give a flying duck what YOU think is best for US. You worry about your own damn life!! If I'm sharing something with you, it's because I want support, not opinions.

We have not resigned ourselves to one thing or another. We are weighing all our options. And to do that, you need all the information. And to get that, you have to go through certain processes and talk to certain people.

All you Debbie Downers can take flying leap. Okay! I mean that.

New house? Foreclosure? Sale listing? I don't care what YOU think is right for us. Only we are qualified to make that choice.

We really needed support. Instead most of the handful of people I have talked to have nothing but opinions. *sigh*

Maybe it's time we no longer talk to anyone. We just keep everything to ourselves until we sign on a house...which ever house that is.

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  1. I hope nothing I have said has upset you! Sorry people are frustrating you!!


    I hate it when you don't ask for opinions but still get them. Ticks me off too.