Sunday, February 20, 2011

Our new home process

We are trying to get a new home. Today we went and saw a lovely woman and talked about a building a new one. The house we talked about is our dream home. But, can we get it to an affordable price? Is it really what we're suppose to do? I dunno. If this does work out, I'll post more about this wonderful dream home later.

Everybody wants their dream home and have it be affordable, right?

We've learned somethings over the years. We know what's affordable and what's not for us. So, that's a plus. No more dreaming and hoping we can afford something, or trying to make it work. It's one thing to find a home and negotiate price. It's another to get a payment that's more than you can really afford (even if it's just a little bit more) and say you'll find a way to make it work. That's not going to happen anymore. Either it's in our limits at the end of negotiations or it's not. Period.

There are two loans available to us to look into. One puts the house right smack dab where we want to be...without even negotiating price (which we'd still do). The other is $125 off from where we want to be a month (without negotiating). And you be surprised how much needs to be taken off the price to get your payment down that much a month. A LOT!

First we're seeing if we can qualify for the first loan. If we do, well, let's just say that is one door we definitely not close. The other, we're not sure if we'll pursue. We could drop this and that, and negotiate. But, only time will tell.

So right now, we're still sitting. Waiting. Waiting for more information to come in, again. This time it's do we qualify for that first loan. We know we do for the second. But there is NO WAY we can $125 more a month. I know I'm looking for a job. But what little money that brings in (whatever job that may eventually be) we want to make us more comfortable. Be able to do more in life (eat out more, date, vacations, ect). You know...Gravy. We do not want it to go toward the payment. That has to fit into what our finances are now. This is the smartest way for us to look at it.

We did do the pricing a bit on the high side, but you never know what the market will do one to the next, let alone one month to the next. And houses aren't built in a day. And you can only lock into an interest rate with them 60 days before going to closing. So we erred on the side of caution. Better safe, than sorry. This way there is no bad surprises at closing. Ya know?

We are trying to be wise. We really are.

It's not easy to sit down and build your dream home. What about this option? or this? You and your spouse have to agree. Thank goodness we really do agree on a lot. =) But it's a lot to absorb. And this whole processes as been a bit taxing. Not to mention that earlier today an error was made and we thought for a few hours we couldn't get any home (new, older, foreclosure, ect.) for another year. Turns out those emotional few hours were very taxing, and the information was wrong. Praise the Lord above!!

It has been one very long day. My eyes, head, stomach, and back all hurt. I am drained emotionally, mentally, and physically today. And I feel like I have gone through all this, to wait again. But, it's part of the processes. One hurdle at a time. This hurdle is USDA loan qualification.

I don't know what's going to happen. But God does. I know He knows best. So right I'm praying that if this is HIS will for us, he open keep the door open...WIDE! If not, let this door shut. I'm putting my trust in Him.

On top of this very emotional and taxing day, my middle girl's asthma is acting up again. =/

Tomorrow I wait for a phone call. It's also my nieces birthday. I hope we get to do something fun with her to help her celebrate.

Anyway... this is where we are at. Waiting. Wondering what our options are, again. lol This is definitely a lesson in patience and trust.

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