Saturday, April 2, 2011

a new path

I spent tonight at my sister's celebrating the birthday of her fiance'. I spent time talking of their wedding, enjoying good company, good food, and time with the children. It was a great evening with some of the best of people.

My path has changed. My old desires and longings have changed. I know longer understand the way of thinking I once had. Given the choice, between hanging out with my children and family, or going out until the wee hours of the night . . . I choose the former rather than the latter.

My middle girl was sick tonight. Up her in bed, in tears. To tired to come down, and yet crying her tummy hurt so bad. I loved being here for her. Being able to stroke her hair, talk to her, pray for her, comfort her. I never want to miss that because I am out.

Yes, I am on a new path in my life. I have always loved being a mommy. But now, that role is taking on more and more meaning in my life. And I couldn't be happier about that. =)

As for my middle girl, my lovely hubby moved her to our bed when we first heard her tears. There I prayed for her. I talked with her, stroked her hair. She looks so tiny in our bed. But she is sleeping most soundly now....STILL in my bed. lol I am about to retire to our bed, and pray over again. I don't care how old my children get, there is just something too watching your child sleep.

I can remember several times in this house (some while VERY pregnant) I slept on the floor by their bed for a bit after praying for them over something. Once they fell asleep, I loved just watching them. Whispering to them my love for them and praying yet again for them.

Yes....I love this new path am I on. Similar to the old...Only...BETTER!!!

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