Saturday, April 16, 2011

Responisble Movie Going

Took my older two kids to see "RIO" today. Cute movie. =) I left my toddler at home with Daddy...where she was most happy, and so were we! =)

There were 4, yes 4, babies (kids under 2)there. That worried me. But, okay. Let's just watch the movie.

People, DO NOT TAKE YOUR SMALL CHILDREN TO THE MOVIES!!! Seriously! Wait to rent it!! Or at the very least, get a sitter!

There was this one baby that cried most of the movie. Finally some guy down front yelled "Get that kid out of here!" Kuddos to you sir!

If you MUST take your small children to a movie, please be prepared to get up and walk out with your screaming, crying child. I don't give two hoots that you paid to be there. So did the rest of us and YOU are ruining our experience. PERIOD! We all gave them some grace to start with. Get the bottle ready, find the binky in the dark. Whatever. We aren't all meanies. But when your child CLEARLY is unhappy and all your efforts are NOT helping, get up and leave!! Do not ruin the movie for all the other movie goers out there.

Honestly, I don't think much of you as a parent, if you can't stop watching a movie to tend to your child. Honestly, that's just selfish. Tend to your crying baby. If not for the rest of us, for them. And you if can't do this, then DON'T BRING THEM!

Movies do eventually come out on DVD. Just wait. And if this offends you, then you are probably one of the people who bring their small screaming children to the cinema and don't leave when they cry.

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