Friday, April 15, 2011


I am keeping a journal, and I was reading back through it last night and thought I might be brave enough to post what I wrote in one entry.

Saturday April 4th, 2011

* FEAR *

"Fear spreads like wild fire."

I heard this tonight while watching t.v. It resenated with me.

Fear starts out small, dare I say possibly the size of a mustard seed? But fed correctly, given the proper attention, it can grow, and quickly, into a mighty force.

When we give into fear, we feed it. Soon, it grows to over come us. Paralyze us. Fear is the enemy of Faith. Where fear reigns, there is no room for faith. Fear cripples us. Ask anyone with an anxiety disorder. Some come to fear even leaving their homes. Fear has stopped countless men and women from reaching their destiny. Fear of failure. Fear of the unknown. Fear of judgement. Fear of being wrong.

Fear steals our Joy!!!!

And fear is contagious too! Did you know that? You can pass it on to your spouse, your children, your family and friends. It can be passed on to an entire nation! It can be passed on through generations. Fear has stopped many men and women from reaching their destinies!

I am beginning to understand the purpose of fear. What a mighty weapon. And slowly, as this revelation comes, I am also understanding the importance of faith. Real faith, not just lip service faith. To KNOW Who's hands you are in. To trust. To know Who's really in charge. That gives me peace and drives out fear.

Faith....Hope...they bring peace and joy. Where faith abounds, there is no room for fear.

I have much to learn on this still. I will need to look up some scriptures and study and listen. But wow, what a revelation!

If you let fear stop you in the small things in life, how can you stand on faith when it really counts? The answer of course, is you can't.

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