Saturday, April 30, 2011

asking for prayers...numb

Hospice has told the family that Great Dad (my kids' great grandfather, my husband's grandfather) is "actively dieing" now. Believe me, you don't want details.

They are going to take him off all his meds Monday, but the morphine. ='(

Please keep him, and his family in your prayers.

This is a very sad time for us all.


  1. I'm so sorry Noelle. I know this is a difficult time. Hospice has excellent resources... be sure and use them.

  2. I hope this action will help him move on peacefully. I'm fairly sure that is what he wants. I realize this is very difficult and know that many friends and family are here to support you. Love to you and Wes. Love and peace.

  3. Wow. Thats horrible. Ill keep him in my thoughts. =( Tear. xoxo