Monday, November 22, 2010

An Angel making a difference....literally.

I have been reading about an old acquaintance and his wife's journey with a beautiful baby girl, Skylar, whom they were told would not make it due to major birth defect. She carried to term anyway. She lived a miraculous 99 minutes. And now, in her short life and death, Skylar is changing the way baby organ donations are made.

This couple has been so strong. They did what so many others couldn't. Every time I see a picture or read a post or blog, I cry all over again. Skylar was one blessed little girl. She may not have lived long, but her legacy will live on. And the love that little girl felt in her short life is more than many children ever get know their entire childhood.

They amaze me. I'm sure the whole country will hear their story soon enough (Shannon and Kip Brooks), as they are news around here and with their Skylar changing the way baby organ donation goes.... I can't imagine the roller coaster ride of emotions they rode during the pregnancy, and even now. This couple, this family, is heroic in my eyes.

To read the blogs, you can really feel the heartfelt emotions they went through and still do. Their lives will never be the same again. They are now the parents of angel. And what really pulls the heart strings, is that they wouldn't dare have done it any differently.

When I read things like this, I just want to scoop up my 3 girls and hug and kiss them and never let go. I am truly blessed.

God is good. He knew that they would love this little girl. He knew that by their love, Skylar would accomplish what she was to accomplish in her short life.

I'm sure to most people, the "God is good" pill would be a little hard to swallow about now. But this couple, no matter how good or how bad their day is, is very proud of their little angel. And they should be.

I just want to thank Shannon and Kip for bringing hope to so many future families, and touching so many hearts. . . . including mine.

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