Thursday, November 11, 2010

Pedophiles on Amazon and Freedom of Speech

I was one of many last night to post the link this a-holes book (a how-to guide to being a pedophile and hurting children). I too called for the boycott. My husband re-posted on his page and things BLEW UP!!

It was a passionate discussion of many people. Most debated was our Freedom of Speech.

Just because something is legal (or perhaps not labeled as illegal), does NOT make it right or acceptable. It's time We the People took back this country. It's time we let our law makers know that some things need to change and garbage like this is not, nor ever will be, tolerated.

I believe a friend of his, Sully, put it best:

"Yes, we have free speech, but in the process of free speech, we as a nation, have become too politically correct to stand up for things that are blatantly wrong. It's a little different when one writes a book on how to build a bomb or some ...other "how to guide" what and ADULT does with that knowledge is up to their dicretion. There should be NO tolerance for ANYTHING that exploits or harms those that cannot defend themselves, mainly our children, and to say otherwise under the guise of "free speech" is just down right ignorant and taking advantage of a democratic system. But as a democratic nation, we need to also be able to exercise OUR freedom of speech and condemn deviant behavior like this and NOT protect it. That is taking it too far. What adults do to each other consensually is completely different than taking advantage of our children."

What I have realized is that there is NO such thing as complete freedom. Yes, our constitution allows us the freedom to pursue happiness, but not absolutely. We cannot infringe on the rights of others.

Yes we have the Freedom of Speech, but it is limited. We are not allowed to threaten another person's life, it's a crime. We are not allowed to write racial slurs on the side of anything, it's considered a hate crime. If you speak about wishing the president dead, you launch an investigation against yourself (treason). In these cases they consider you infringing on the right of others.

Now, concerning this book (which Amazon has finally seen the light and taken down off the website), is it really protected by our Freedom of Speech?

If child pornography is illegal, how is this any different? ('s a how to guide). If our rights stop when they start to infringe upon another's, how is this not infringing upon our children's rights? They are too young to protect themselves. Who is their voice? US! That's who.

A friend posted something last night along these lines:

Why is that we as a society want to put an NFL Quaterback away for life for fighting a dog? How come we get all in an uproar when a celebrity wears fur? But when some sick pedophile gets out of jail with a slap on the wrist, we sit on our rear-ends, on the couch, and think: I hope he doesn't move into my neighborhood. Where are our morals and priorities!? (thanks Paul! Great points)

Last night our nation stood up for what was right. We took a stand against such garbage! We became the voice of the children, the voice of those who do not understand and cannot protect themselves. We became the moral backbone of this country once again! I have a renewed hope in the people of this nation.

Way to go America, for finding that moral backbone I thought we so long ago lost. Now lets hold on to it!

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  1. I don't think anyone is debating whether or not pedophilia is wrong. There is no doubt that it is. MY thing is that if you want to write a book about it, that's your right. If people don't like it, they don't have to buy it. There are PLENTY of SICK, TWISTED, DEMENTED works of "literature" out there. Some of them centuries old. You don't see people getting all up in arms about them. This author is NOT going to make any money off of this book. Think about it. If you bought how-to book on building a bomb on don't you think 'big brother' would be at your doorstep? Now imagine the same thing with this book. If you are buying a how-to book on pedophilia you are asking to get caught, and isn't that what we want? For these sick bastards to get caught and end up in jail, getting pounded by someone bigger than them? Cuz that's what I want.