Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Ranting: phone

Omg people. I am a mother to 3 young girls. I have a life. I have other friends and family. I can't always jump to the freaking phone when it rings!!

My husband is horrible at freaking out if I don't answer either phone. He thinks something horrible is happening.

I have a friend who takes it personally.

Get over it people!!

Sometimes I'm outside. And no. I don't carry my damn cell with me to go play with kids outside. Leave a message.

Sometimes I'm in the shower or bathing one of the kids. Or maybe I'm in the bathroom taking care of business.

Sometimes I'm on the other line and it's one of those moments in that conversation where you really shouldn't flash over. You know?

Sometimes I'm in the middle of disciplining the kids. NOT a good time to pause to answer the phone. Leave me message!

I'm a girl. Thus my cell phone is usually in the kitchen charging or in my purse. I don't keep it on me. leave me a message.

When out in public, it can get loud (never mind I have 3 kids with me). I can't hear my phone ring in my purse sometimes,. And vibrating mode in a purse does no good. Again...leave a message.

My house can get loud sometimes with three kids and neighbor kids over. I don't always hear the phone. Again...leave me a freakin message!!

If you can't respect the fact that I have a life cannot be attached to a damn phone 24/7, then lose my # and quit calling me. I'm tired of the guilt trips. I don't need them. I don't deserve them.

And honey....don't freak out if I can't dash to the phone. You know how hectic it can be around here. Leave me a message on both phones and give me 10 minutes to call you back. IF something horrible would have heard about it by now. NO need to freak. 'Kay?

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  1. There's a reason they call those things electronic leashes.
    We do not have to be available to others 24/7!