Thursday, November 25, 2010

One for the books

So it's Thanksgiving. A little after 10 pm on Thanksgiving actually.

I spent my afternoon helping my mom and sister decorate their house for Christmas. I came home to NOTHING being done that was suppose to be. And as mad and disappointed as I was, we worked together and got it done.

I helped cooked something for our family gathering (21 in total attendance. Yes...we are close family) =).

My 17 month old toddler woke from her nap in what we now call "the incident". There was very little of her or her crib not covered in watery poo. *shutters just thinking about it*

SO we clean her up and her room. I know she's been trying to cut her eye teeth, so we hope for the best. We are now running late for our family gathering do to this unfortunate occurrence.

We rush out of the house so fast, we forget 1/2 of what we were in charge of bringing. So after getting there, my husband turns around and goes back to our home to get what we left.

We enjoy our family time. Tomorrow is our eldest's 9th birthday. My family has some gifts to give her tonight since we're already all together. It's our tradition. The meal is epic. Mmmm. Ham, turkey, sweet potato casserole, corn pudding, green beans, mashed potatoes, dressing, broccoli casserole, cranberry pudding, rolls. And that didn't include all the lovely desserts that awaited us! Pumpkin pie, brownies, pumpkin cheese cake, chess squares, and apple dump cake. OH family can cook!! And when you're feeding 21 people, you cook a lot! lol

Well after dinner it happened.

The dishes are being done, and my eldest is chomping at the bit to open her gifts, and everyone is wanting dessert....and my baby Bean pukes right in the den. She didn't even eat dinner. She hadn't been eating much for a few days and I wasn't gonna push it. Not after "the incident" this afternoon. And if her teeth were hurting, I couldn't blame her. But nope. None of the above listed things were her problem. She puked. It was gross.

We got her cleaned up. While doing that my family went ahead gave my eldest her gifts. They knew we were on our way out. I missed her opening them. =( Ended up, my sister, mom and aunt all offered to keep the girls there a while and bring them home later. So we took them up on it and got baby Bean home.

She puked twice with in the first few minutes in the door (at least she didn't do it in the car). She has puked 7 more times since then. She has had 3 baths in 24 hours. And truth be told...she needs another one. But it can wait til morning at this point. We're monitoring her for dehydration and praying tomorrow goes better. Speaking of tomorrow....

Remember how I said it was my eldest's 9th birthday tomorrow? Well, we've had to cancel her party. We can't have other kids here while Bean is sick with this stomach bug. No one else needs to get it. Both my other girls were upset at that news. A birthday with no party. =( No friends. =(

I'm still going to cook her cinnamon rolls for breakfast. My husband is still going to decorate tonight so she'll be surprised in the morning. We're still going to get her flowers and her cake. We're gonna do the best we can under the circumstances. We're gonna see if we can't have a bowling party or something for her in 2 weeks instead (give this thing time to make it's way through the house).

So, this Thanksgiving we have gotten the stomach bug, and had to break the hearts of my other two children. My head hurts, and I am beyond tired. But with a puking 1 yr old, it may be a long night.

However, I am thankful that my husband is great at helping me out with all of this puking stuff. I'm thankful that my family stepped up and helped us out. I'm thankful that even though my kids are severally disappointed (as they should be), they do understand. I'm thankful that it isn't worse than what it is. It may not be fun, it might suck, but ... it could always be worse!!

So yeah....this Thanksgiving for my family is one for the books. *heavy sigh*

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