Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Kids and Arguing

Ok....So I'm sitting here listening to these woman on tv talk about whether or not it's ok to argue in front of your kids.

Seriously? *face palm*

*SMH* (shakes my head)

What are parents thinking? For one, it is severally unrealistic to think that you and your partner will NEVER argue in front of your kids. Life happens. Ya know?

Now, what happens if kids never see you argue? Ever?

I would venture to say a lot.

1. They will have unrealistic views of relationships later in life
2. They won't know how to deal with conflict when it arises in their lives.
3. They won't learn how to apologize

I'm not saying that every argument should be in front the children. It's good to try and shelter them some. But it's like everything else in life....moderation is good and make it a learning experience.

Set realistic goals for you and your mate when arguments happen. Guidelines. Like:
~ no name calling
~ stick to the topic at hand
~ be fair
~ and when you realize you are in the wrong, apologize, don't make excuses
~ no cussing

I think if people would stick the guidelines above when they argue, our kids could actually learn from our experiences. They can learn that people don't always see eye to eye. They can learn how argue fairly. They can learn that it's ok to fight and make up. It doesn't mean you have to end a relationship. They can learn how to deal with conflict and make compromises.

Being a parent is hard enough already. Why set unrealistic goals for ourselves? NEVER argue in front of the kids? Give me break!

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