Friday, May 6, 2011

What a day!! Info on it all.

We ran about 1/2 hour or so late this morning for the funeral. BUT...we made it!!
And someone forgot part of the Eulogy at home and then we were only slightly delayed on that. lol My husband neglected to tell me he was a pallbearer. I thought he was just speaking at the funeral. So he was the ONLY pallbearer without a jacket/suit. Just a nice shirt and tie. *rolls my eyes* lol If I had only known.... Oh well. It kinda just goes with how we all roll. lol It all turned out well though, in spite of these things. What a crew we all make. lol

It was a good ceremony. My husband's cousin sang (slight snafu with the timing of that, but it wasn't his fault), a few speeches were given, a slide show was shown of him, and then we all prayed.

It's kinda "funny" how on Tuesday night, right after he died, a huge storm came through. And in middle of his funeral today, another one.

We went to the grave site and said our goodbyes. We watched as they folded the flag and placed in Great Mother's arms (He served with the merchant marines in WWII). When taps were being played a jet flew over head. It wasn't planned, but it is "funny" how it worked out.

And even though my MIL and FIL had a nasty a divorce, it was not only good to see him there, but his mother and her husband too.

The church fed us all afterwards and the food was phenomenal!!

I think day was more of a celebration of who he was as a man, father, grandfather, husband, ect., and a celebration of where he is now more than a grieving ceremony. Not that we didn't have our moments. But it was nice to see how happy everyone really was for him.

My washer machine has issues. Several. We are hoping to get a new one...but that is a whole 'nother headache/ Hopefully it will work out.

Then there is my husband tooth. His canine tooth. It's loose. Badly. There is a slim chance it's the crown, but the general consensus is that the tooth is fractured and needs to come out. Now...he works in sales. He can't go around with a gaping whole in his grill. So we need to get him an implant tooth (fake tooth). And from what we are finding, they cost about $3000 and insurance does NOT cover it. Not sure what we are going to do.

We should know next week if my grandfather has Colon Cancer on top of this Lung Cancer and Alzheimer's. I pray he does not.

We should know about the house in the next 10 days or so.

Yup. Life is stressful right now. VERY MUCH SO! Some days I handle it all better than others. This morning I felt down right overwhelmed. Tonight I have breathing room.

It's been a very long few days to say the least. Mother's Day is this weekend and I'm still trying to finalize plans to see everyone. I hoping next mother's day maybe I can have a cook out at our new house... We'll see...still praying!

I do want to say I am surprised. A few people have reached to us/me. We have gotten a card in the mail and I have received FB messages, PMs, emails, blog posts (mostly on another blog of mine)... Sometimes I lose sight of blessed I am to know such wonderful people. I hate that it takes times like these to bring it back to my memory. But I am SO VERY THANKFUL to know each one of these people.

It's been a long week. I think I shall enjoy a glass of wine or two, unwind, and think on the blessing I have in my life instead of the complications.

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