Sunday, May 22, 2011

It's that time again...

What a day. Been a looong hard one. Complete with back talk, lies, disobedience, broken dishes, sick kids ..... I'm stopping here. A friend made a comment on my fb page and I am going to try something I did once a few months ago. Yes today was MISERABLE...HORRIBLE. But, I am going to try to focus on some of the good things about today. Before I just focus on my blessings in general. This time I will try to find the good in this day. Trying to change my focus.

1. I woke up. That's pretty big. lol
2. Hubby made it home from work safe and sound
3. I made killer banana bread today. PERFECT! MMMM
4. They did more work on the house. Bottom level completely framed. =)
5. No cicadas landed on me today. lol
6. The dog didn't puke today. Thank goodness he's over whatever he had
7. I made two really good meals today...lunch was awesome and so was dinner.
8. My hubby allowed me to "run away" for about an hour to get away from the madness of the day and just pray and center. He's the best.
9. My kids love me. We may have it rough all around today, but they went to bed knowing I loved them and me knowing they love me. =)
10. My children understood each of their various punishments today and agreed they deserved them.
11. My house smelled like fresh banana bread today. That is always a good thing.
12. I didn't have a headache today!! YIPEE!!
13. I didn't face my challenges today alone. I had help from HIM. Every time I prayed, He answered. Thank you Lord. You are good. =) You gave me patience when I need it most and calmed me when I was upset. And when I felt my lost alone, you were there. Thank you.
14. I cleaned out a cabinet that needed it and through out some stuff. PROGRESS!
15. Hot shower!! I am about to take a nice long hot shower and wash the day away. lol
16. The best thing about this day, is that it's about over. And that tomorrow is NOT today. Tomorrow is a new day. =)

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