Monday, April 2, 2012

Oh the joys of a bullshit job

I need to vent.

My husband works a local car dealership.  His pay is not much.  It would put us on welfare in a heartbeat.  He makes his $$ really through his bonuses.  Bonuses are paid out on how well the dealership does. 

They have him in a management position.  He works his tale off.  He works from 8:30 a.m. until around 10 pm easily 4 nights a week.  He works several Sundays a month, but not all.  He really only gets one day off week when he works Sundays.  =(

The people higher up complain they want him to concentrate on his one job as manager.  But, they still also have him doing new hire training, VIP sales, Race team sales, "Heat Cases" (he has the wonderful task of dealing with pissed off people), and doing inventory.  And you know what?  He does it.  He does it well and without complaining. And he still sells an average of about 10 cars a month on his own (and he is NOT salesman!)  Anyone who has a problem or question goes to him for help and answers.  He easily does the job of 3.  And yet.....

Every time he seems to finally get a really good bonus, the people higher up want to question what he does and/or "re-establish" his pay plan.  What does that mean?  It means they ask what he does all day (hello!  duh!) and then make it even harder for him to make those bonuses that allow us to buy our groceries, pay medical bills, buy birthday presents, and live.  He doesn't even have time to talk to me for 2 minutes most days.  He stays that busy and pulled in so many directions.

I'm just so tired of them not appreciating him.  I'm so tired of every time he FINALLY gets a good paycheck, the higher ups wondering if he's worth it and changing his pay plan.  Why can't they see how hard he works?  He has been there over 10 years.  He is loyal to a fault, both to the company and to his bosses.  And yet the continue to do this to him.  When my grandfather died, they told him he couldn't leave to be with me.  WTF?

Please God.... Please... Help him.   Help his bosses see what an asset he is.  Help him be appreciated and respected and compensated.  And if they can't or aren't willing, then please move him elsewhere, where he will be.

Do you know how hard it is to raise 3 young girls with a husband who is gone almost all the time?  He works so damn hard and is gone so much.  I know it's hard on him.  And it's hard on us both when no one seems to appreciate him, or his work.  Why should we all suffer when no one appreciates what he does?

He doesn't get the nice cushy job of sitting on his butt all day and making the big bucks.  He is pulled in so many directions from every department and makes less then those who have been there less time and sit on their butts all day. 

I have always held out hope that his bosses would come around and see what all he does and what he is worth.  But it seems as if they never will.  It seems as if they will keep taking advantage of him.  I mean, I guess they are the same as everyone else.  Why reward the hardest worker?  Just keep beating him down until he breaks. 

Lord, I think we're ready for a change.  My girls are ready to have a real dad in their life.  And I'm ready to have a husband.  And I know he's ready to be appreciated.  Help.

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