Monday, April 30, 2012

Learning experience

I had plans yesterday.  Unfortunately, my body decided to revolt.  I spiked a temperature, my throat began to hurt, my back and head were killing me and if I was shaking with chills, I was sweating.  I was miserable.  This morning the doc confirmed a diagnosis of Strep Throat.  I got to tell you, I cannot remember Strep ever feeling this bad.  I won't get into too much detail, but yeah, MISERABLE is good word to describe how the last day and half have been for me.

I keep trying to stay positive though.  I'm looking forward to tomorrow.  I'm sure after today's rounds of antibiotics and tomorrow morning's dose, I should start feeling a ton better.  =)  I guess you could say I'm counting it.  And I'm thankful that this was strep and not something else like the flu.  I am trying more and more these days to find the silver linings of things.  It's not always easy, but I find it helps me keep perspective.

But I have to tell you something about this experience, my kids have been amazing.  Truly.  They have made me cards, colored me pictures, and have tried to wait on me.  They have brought me ice water, asked if I needed anything (over and over again).  My eldest even got online and researched strep throat and ways to help someone feel better.  lol  She's had it more than anyone!  But the fact that she even cared enough to do this....  Wow.

My kids can be, well, kids, a lot of the time.  They bicker like most siblings.  There are times I have to tell them something several times before it sinks in and they do it.  They like to be loud as well.  (aren't most kids?)

But I learned a lot about their character today.  Despite being in the throws of childhood, they have empathetic, caring hearts.  When my fever spiked again tonight over 102 and I was at the pinnacle of pain and feeling crumby, my eldest took it upon herself to make dinner for her and her sisters.  She did NOT have to do that.  But she wanted too.  She wanted to help.  The girls worked together to pick up after dinner as well.  And my Superstar even read to me to "help me feel better like I do for her".  How sweet is that?

Sometimes, we wonder about how our kids are going turn out.  Sometimes we wonder if they are actually getting what we try to teach them (Especially when they have picked a fight with each other for the up-teenth time in a day over something that is really not worth bickering over).  But I have to tell you, it's times like these when I am the most proud of them.  I never asked them for a thing.  I wouldn't have dreamed of it.  They just sprung into action.  And they did it out of love.  They wanted to help.  They wanted to take care of me.  And that has really touched my heart. 

I guess I learned a little something about my kids while being sick this time around.  Who would have thought that a really bad case of strep throat would have been a glimpse into my children's hearts?

I may be sick tonight, but I'm feeling incredibly blessed.   My kids are so amazing.  I love them so much.  Sometimes I forget how awesome they are.  Tonight, I'm glad for the reminder.

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