Thursday, January 26, 2012


Sometimes my 10 year old can grate my last nerve. And sometimes she can amaze me and be my hero.
She and I had some "issues" today. We made up, but I was pretty disappointed in some of her decision making. Sometimes, you just have to let go, let God, and let them learn their own lessons. *sigh*

Well, before bed tonight she came to me and asked me to find the song "HERO" by Superchick on Youtube. She wanted me to hear it, see it, and if I approved of it, she asked that I add it to my iPod for her to listen too.

So of course, I stopped what I was doing and obliged her. I was blown away! Although, honestly, I'm not sure why... Here, take a listen. The lyrics are on the screen as the song plays. It's about making the right choices. Standing up to bullying, and such.

I don't know why I was so surprised. Maybe because I have never heard the song before. Maybe it was that my 10 year old girl was making a choice to remind her to take a stand. But if that's the case, why m I so surprised? Earlier this past school year she did just this.

There is a kid in her class who is a bit....special. He is kind to others. But he is also very emotional and socially awkward. He is weak, physically, compared to many of the boys in their class. And because he is so kind and so different, he was being picked on and bullied. My daughter came home from school just sick about it one day. We talked about bullying.

The next day she came home and said she had stood up to the bullies. They were teasing him and making fun of him again, and she just had enough. She took to defending the one student against a few of the bullies and calling them out on their bullying. I was so very proud of her!

Of course, this made her the next target for the bullies. They teased and taunted her. They even messed with her school work. She again stood her ground, but to what seemed like to no avail. So what did she do? She told the teacher. And she didn't just rat them out for bullying her, she ratted them out for bully the other kid too. Now there is no more bullying going on.

I was so proud of her taking a stand against what everyone else was doing. It was the RIGHT thing to do. And she did it. Nothing makes a parent more proud than seeing your child do the right thing and make smart choices.

I wish more children would hear this song. I wish more children would be brave enough to stand up to those who make fun and bully others. Words can leave scars deeper than any knife. They wound the heart, spirit, and soul of a person. And people carry those kinds of wounds around for years.

I tried to explain it like this to my children once (as it was explained to me):

Words can either build a person up or tear them down.
I told them to lift me up onto the table. They couldn't do it. Not without help. It was a very difficult task.

Then I got on the table and told them to pull me down. That was a whole lot easier.

Words work the same way. It's so much easier to to tear someone down than it is to build them up. And it usually takes more than one person to EVENTUALLY lift a person up.

I asked my daughter where she heard this song. She heard it from her older cousin (whom she is also friends with). My heart leaped for joy!

I'm so fortunate that my daughter has a peer like that to look up too. And I am also just as fortunate that my younger two daughters have my eldest to look up too.

I am so proud her. I pray her good decisions continue. I pray she can help make difference.

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