Thursday, January 19, 2012


A man once tall and proud
sits in his chair, his eye look around

Not always knowing who he sees
Not always recognizing me

It's come to take him away from us
It's come and raised an awful fuss
He sees things that are not there
His own home, he's unaware

I am angry and mad and furious
This damn disease makes me curse
A sentence of death so cruel and hard
To forget you're loved, with no regard

To be trapped inside your own mind
Knowing, yet not.  It's so unkind.
To believe things that are not true
To eventually forget even you

To be on a path in which you know
You're sometimes here and sometimes slow
To know time is ticking away for you
More fast than slow, reality's skewed

How can it take this man so proud so strong
and just string him right a long
Ever so slowly he loses his mind
It's a death of the cruelest kind

It rips our hearts apart, and his
To see him waste away like this
Stupid disease I curse you still
A cure for you they someday will

Find, but I'm afraid it's too late
To change this loved man's fate
Instead we all smile at him
and try to be strong for him

Instead a part of us is dying too
It's not just him, and that's the truth
I just want to fix it all
To make him better, not watch him fall

But I can't.  No one can
So now we kneel , and not just stand
and pray that mercy isn't far
For a man that's been a star

In our family for long
How we want to be strong
For him and her, but there are nights
when emotions we just cannot fight

Nights like this when we wonder why
like, this anyone should have to die
Please Lord, Please my God
Let the cancer take him, and end this facade

Or better yet, heal him still
Please oh please let it be your will
Help us get through these times so tough
We know the future is looking rough

We need you now more than words convey
See the tears we shed each day
Help us all through this unease
of such an awful disease

Be with him, and her too
Give them strength, comfort, and You.
And on these nights so dark and cold
We ask that you take hold

of each of us and hold us tight
and get us through just one more night.


  1. Oh my God, Noelle. Do you have any idea of the talent you have. This is so beautiful. It has moved me beyond words. I love you. I miss my daddy as you miss your pop pop. Every day I pray the torment will end for him. Thank you for this beautiful poetry, Noelle. You recently blogged about your dreams. I don't know if you have ever dreamed of being a writer, but you have a gift. I think someday, the whole world will will benefit from it.

  2. I was just really upset tonight and crying. Emma came down because she heard me. I just needed an outlet, so I wrote. Emma actually was surprised how fast it all came out. I just hurt tonight. ='(

    Thank you for your kind words. I'm not sure about the writing. I think I'm pretty cheesy, both in pros and poetry. So I just blog. *shrugs*

    Thanks. And *hugs*

  3. Mary is right, this is beautiful. I am crying now reading it. One of my grandpas that died this past fall had Alzheimers, it played a large part in him dying when he did. Holler if you want to talk about it. *HUGS*