Monday, January 16, 2012


Today is MLK day.  And I saw a friend's post on Facebook saying something along the lines of :  "I thought working on my own dream would be a great way to spend this day, in honor of the man who declared his dream...I love to see a person with a dream going for it."

This person's status haunted me.  I thought, "I don't have a dream!!  What's wrong with me?"  Because everyone has a dream, right?  At least one.  Some of have more.

Some dream of making a difference.  Some dream of becoming something. Some dream of the perfect career.  Some dream of owning something.  Everyone has at least one dream.  So, what's mine?


I had dreams.  I did.  I dreamed of growing up and getting married.  *check*
I dreamed of having a wonderful husband and kids *check*
I dreamed of staying home to raise them *check*
I dreamed of owning the perfect house for us *check*
I have dreamed of taking the family to Disney *check*
I have even dreamed of a honeymoon in Atlantis and SURPISE!  We got it, out of the blue!  So, *check*


All my major dreams have come true.  So, what's next?

Stuff?  New den furniture?  A big girl bedroom for my girl on her 7th birthday?  Owning a grill and patio furniture so we can entertain?  How about having the house painted?  These are all well and fine, but I wouldn't really call them dreams.  You know?  It's just stuff. 

I am person without a dream.  No vision.  Nothing.  I just want to raise my kids.  Live a happy life with my family.  That's it.

I don't really have any talents to concentrate on.  I can't sing (oh how I wish I could!).  I can't play any instruments.  I like to write, but I'm not good at it either.  I can't see me writing a whole book or anything.  I am no chef.  I can't sew.  I'm lucky to get a button back on.  And I am terrible at sports!!  Maybe it's easier to have dreams when you have talent.  *shrugs*

I am going to be 35 this year.  And as of right now, I have but one "dream".  And that is to raise my kids to be good, caring, loving people.  Happy people.  People who help others.  People who are not judgmental.  People with confidence, but are yet humble.  And to do this, with my husband.  This is my dream.  It is not major.  It won't change the world.  It's not easy.  And it certainly isn't glamorous.  

Maybe it's okay for dreams to be as different as the people who have them.  It's good to have people out there who have big dreams to reach for.  But maybe it's okay to have smaller ones too.  And maybe, just maybe, it's okay to have just one dream at time.  Or maybe a bunch of smaller ones that are more obtainable.
Who's to say what kind of dream is or is not important.  Isn't that up to the dreamer?

What are my dreams?  


Yes, I'd like to get the big girl room, paint and such.  I'd love for my family to go on a vacation this year.  We haven't been on one since Sept. 2008.  It's time.  And yes, those are my dreams.  Those are my goals.  To have enough money to pay the bills, and do things like go on vacation.  They aren't big.  They aren't flashy.  But they're mine.  Maybe one day I'll sit down and write that book.  Maybe.....  But until then, I am just going to keep going one day at time.  I'm going to keep making small goals, and reaching those the best we can.  

I dreamed of a better life for my family.  And so far, it looks like we have it.  I'm happy.  And isn't that everyone's main goal in life, their main dream?  To be happy?   I'm happy.  

So, cheers to those of you with big dreams, who will move mountains and make a difference in this world.  And to those with smaller dreams, personal ones.  I think it takes all kinds to make the world go round.  And, yeah, I'm gonna think it's okay to dream whatever kind of dreams a person has, big or small, one or more.  I even think it's okay to be on the search for a dream.  Those journeys can lead to so much!  

I may not have have clear dream I'm heading for.  At least not by many's point of view.  But my dream of happy family is enough for me.  

What's your dream?

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