Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I have, as of lately, surrounded myself with good people. Friends I can trust. Friends I count on.

I can honestly say that I have some of THE BEST FRIENDS a girl could ever hope to have. Some I have known for years. Some I have met through the internet and may have never met or only met once or twice. Others are I have only known a short time. But when I take stock of the people in my life... I am one lucky, blessed woman. I have a wonderful "network" of friends that I trust. That are there for me. And I pray they know that I'm there for them.

I have a great kids. A great family. Immediate and extended. I have great friends. I don't deserve this. I don't. But I'm so very grateful.

Tonight, I'm feeling grateful. Thankful. Overwhelmed by the good I have in my life. Please Lord, Let me give back to them all they have given me.

My family has been for me through thick and thin.....all of them. Aunts, uncles, cousins, mom, sisters, ect. My in-laws have been too. Not many married women have good relationships with their in-laws. I grew up seeing the dispute between my mom and her mother-in-law. But my in-laws are so much more than "in laws" . There as much family to me as my own.

My friends.... Jennifer I have known for 20 some years now. I love her. Andrea for the past 15 years. Love her. Then there are my mommy friends, Julianna, Dale, Nikki, Andrea, Tori, Erica, Jolene, and so many more if I took the time to name...would take too long. And there are my friends of the past year or two....Loren, Tiffany, ect., Then there is Jason, Jamie, and Anna. Three people I have met online, and have become an intricate part of my life. Three people who enrich my life beyond words. The women at church like Dar and Rae and Sybil, and a few others who never abandon me. Ever. And other long time friends....like Chris.

I love each of them. I do. I am truly blessed.

I am looking at my life tonight, taking stock of it. I am not perfect. I have made many mistakes. But the friends in my life don't hold them against me. My family doesn't either. The take me as I am. How many people out there want just one person to love them for who they are?

I am beyond words for what these people mean to me. Some I have been unable to mention...but they know who they are.

Who in the world deserves friends like this? I know I don't. And I can't imagine why they are here, but I love each them in some way. And am so very proud, and honored to call them friends.

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