Thursday, December 16, 2010 procedure isn't until after 2 tomorrow...more likely 3. I can't eat after midnight tonight. This is what I'm worried about it. LOL Food. Hunger. LOL

I'm one of those people who get physically ill when I get hungry and don't eat. Now, flash forward to about 6 pm tomorrow night. Not having ate or drank in 18 hours or so. I'm not worried about the anesthesia making me sick. I'm worried about waking up from everything so hungry I'm sick. LOL Only me. I'm the only one I know that would worry about this. LOL THIS is my major concern. I'm so screwed up! lol

I got some good snuggle time with my girls tonight. Was able to ease any fears they had. I got to spend some time with one of my sisters. The other one called me. It's been wonderful. Tomorrow I know won't be pleasant. But by Monday I should be pretty good to go. And I know all this is for the better and that I'm in good hands. I know I have some good people praying for me.

So off I go to enjoy some yummy last minute stuff my husband brought home for me to enjoy. Because even if I am 'starving' when I get home tomorrow evening, chances are all I'm gonna want to do is sleep. So I'm gonna eat this yummy stuff while I can! lol

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