Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Today has been "one of those days". One of the ones you know you'll always remember. Top 10 material. Shoot...top 5 material.

I'm sitting here...listening to music, not being able shake what I'm feeling. What am I feeling? Unloved. Not respected. Taken for granted. Lonely. Hurt. Alone. I could go on and on. But that's not what this is about.

I have decided that I'm gonna think of some things I'm thankful for instead of dwelling on these "other" feelings. So...here we go...my list. I'm not sure what all this will entail. I'm not sure how long or short this will be. But I need to get out of this funk. And this is my attempt.


1. My Children
2. My children's health...they may have their issues...but they aren't dying.
3. My health (have issues...but could be so much worse)
4. roof over my head
5. clothes on my back
6. food in our tummies
7. able to pay most bills on time
8. great car
9. no car trouble!
10. the holidays
11. my family...mom, sisters, grandparents, cousins, aunts, ect. We are tighter than most families. We're the kind of family people dream of. We have our issues, but we are ALWAYS there for each other...no matter what!
12. my in-laws. I couldn't have asked for better
13. I'm married. Not alone, not divorced.
14. my new tv
15. money in the bank. It's not a lot, but it's still money in the bank. We survive. =)
16. My wonderful friends. I have better friends than most. Most people are lucky to have just one good friend. I can count on TWO hands the number of really good friends I have. How blessed am I!!!
17. My nice bed
18. My faith. I may have ran far and hard away. But I know who the Lord is. And I'm trying to run just as hard back to His loving arms...if he'll have me.
19. That I have lived the "other" life and I know with the Lord is where I belong. There is no place like home.
20. For my hope that he'll accept me back
21. Dreams. I'm thankful for dreams. We all need something to shoot for...believe in.
22. My kids' love
23. My husband is a good man.
24. I can take a decent picture (of others)
25. I'm actually thankful that I can take pleasure in the little things. A pretty flower. A hug. A beautiful sunset. Ect.
26. FURNITURE~!! I not only have a roof over my head, but furniture in my house
27. That I have heat!!! It may 16 degrees out and my downstairs may not heat up past 68 degrees no matter the thermostat says....but I have heat!!!
28. I love music and singing. Can't sing well. Can't play an instrument worth a darn. But I am passionate about both.
29. I'm passionate about dance.
30. I'm thankful that I may not be good at 28 or 29 but, I at least have a passion.
31. My greatest passion is my kids.
32. my kids have toys!! so many don't!!
33. I don't have any freaky allergies....like to the sun.
34. that I'm a good mom.
35. that I'm a pretty good wife
36. That my mom, and other women in my family, are such strong role models.
37. For my best friends!!!
38. I'm thankful that no matter how terrible my day is....spending time with my girls always changes that. My kids are the best!!
39. I'm thankful that tears may come now....but joy comes in the morning!! =) thank you Jesus.
40. I may not be the sharpest tool in the shed, but I got an education.
41. That I'm not addicted to drugs
42. That I understand how precious human life is..... or atleast I think I do.
43. I still believe in love.
44. I'm thankful that I tend to see the best in people. No matter how many people think I'm naive'.
45. That I'm forgiving. VERY forgiving.
46. For my memories, well most of them. LOL That I have a memory.
47. That I grew up with two parents who were in love
48. That my father was a good role model
49. That my mother was a good role model.
50. That gas prices aren't $3.
51. For the forgiveness I have received over the years.
52. That I have internet
53. I have cell phone
54. I know the difference between right and wrong. So many these days seem confused on that.
55. Love. I'm thankful for love...in all forms.
56. I'm thankful that the last thing I told my father was "I love you".
57. that I got to see my grandmother before she died.
58. that my aunt is beating breast cancer
59. I have health insurance
60. I'm alive.

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