Friday, December 3, 2010

Friends I'm having surgery on the 17th. NOT comsmetic. Not lasik. But a surgery that I hope will change my life for the better. =) It is medically needed and insurance will cover 100%! WOOHOO!!

Because of said procedure, I am nervous. During each of the births of my children, my blood pressure has tanked (epidural). Each one getting worse and worse. During the last one it went horribly wrong. I went in after the birth and issue and problems to get my tubes tied and it got worse!!

I'm freaking out!! What if my heart can't take it this time? What if? I'm gonna write letters to each of my girls, just in case. That's my to-do list tomorrow.

But since finding out about this surgery, I have been talking to some people, friends. And I feel so incredible blessed.

I can count on 2 hands the people I trust. Who can do that? I mean REALLY trust! My sisters, Jennifer, Dale, Julianna, Nikki, Andrea, Andrea (yes ... there are 2), and a few more(even a cousin and aunt or two...hehehe and of momma). It's amazing. I have been blessed some wonderful women in my life. Strong, honest, good women. Great wives and mothers. Great people.

Who can really say that? Not many.

My friends mean the WORLD to me and so much more. I am one EXTREMELY blessed woman. I hope these women know how much they mean to me. Each of them (even the ones not mentioned but know who they are) have been more than there for me. And I hope if I haven't already returned the favor, I someday can.

To my friends: I love you. When I say that. I mean it. You gals are the best ever.

Thank you for blessing my life and making it all the richer!!