Monday, December 26, 2011

A year in review

WOW.  I just glanced back over a lot of my entries this past year.  Can I say that again?  Wow.

This year started out with sickness, stress, and drama.  But I can say, as the year has gone on, things began to change.  Don't get me wrong, life is life.  There will always be something.  But things did change and get better.

The sickness we suffered so much from at the old place is gone since we've moved.  One of my kids was ALWAYS sick there.   It was horrible.  My daughter is asthma was constantly sick and having issues.

Due to roof that leaked twice while we there, and once before we ever got there, we were pretty sure there was probably some kind of mold beginning to grow between the space that occupied by daughter's shared bedroom floor, and the downstairs dining room ceiling (where the leak was).  The rental company never checked or did anything other than try to (and eventually) fix the leak, and paint the dining room ceiling.   Like I said...we were just suspicious.  I can't prove there was or wasn't anything there.  However, I can say since moving we've all been a WHOLE lot less sick!  YIPEE!  And my daughter's asthma is under control now.

We're under a whole lot less stress since moving too.  No crazy neighbors.  No trying to figure out where we are going to live or what others have to say about it.  No more wondering if the landlords will let us stay one more month.  That's over.  We're are settled into a wonderful house, in a great neighborhood, with awesome neighbors.  SHEW!  I can't tell you how good this feels.

Work is work.  Money flow comes and goes.  That will always be stressful.  But we have each other to see us through.  My marriage is good, and I'm happy and content.

My friendships have gone through a lot this year as well.  A cause of most of the drama in my life this past year was "friendships".  Some "friends" have gone.  And it's for the best.  Other friendships have taken on different dynamics.  It's definitely been a year of change in this department.  But my life is so much less complicated now.  And again, I'm happy.  People who are still in my life, are here for a reason:  I love them.  And they care for me too.  It works.  I have even made some new friends and can't wait to see where these friendships might go.

We did lose my husband's grandfather this year.  We also learned mine has Alzheimer's and Lung Cancer.  So, it hasn't been a good a year for grandfathers.  But we have each other, and our family.  That helps.  And I'm sure this blog will have a few more entries in the coming months about that.

I have learned to let go of drama some this past year, and those who create it.  I have learned I'm stronger than I give myself credit for sometimes.  I have really started looking at the people in my life (my family members and friends), and have grown new appreciations for each of them.  And I'm learning from them as well.   I realize I still make mistakes, but I am learning from them too.

I also realized, while looking back on past entries, that I do like to vent on this blog.... A LOT!  I will try and tone that back some.  But it does help me to vent here.  I feel better after doing it, and sometimes I even come to place of clarity afterwards.  It helps me to clear the air, so to speak.  Plus, I AM a girl.  We all need someplace to go and vent.  Someplace where people aren't going to tell you everything wrong with you, or how you should consider yourself lucky because *fill in the blank here*, or stare at you like you have three heads.  This blog is my place apparently.  But as the year went on, I did vent less.  I will try to continue that curve.  lol

This year has had it's ups and downs, but I think the ups far out weigh the downs.  I am even working on my faith again.  YAY!  

I'm looking ahead at the new year to come, and I'm full of hope.  And that my friends, is a wonderful feeling.  I know certain inevitable things are just around the corner, but I plan on making the most of 2012.  I hope to continue to learn and change for the better.  And I am so thankful for those in my life as I enter 2012.  It's good to be entering it with no drama or stress or baggage. 

2011 may have been a roller coaster of a year, but it was a big year.  I hope 2012 evens out more and is full of even more love, laughter, memories, friends, family, and joy.

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