Monday, December 5, 2011

Random Vent Session: Faith in America

Growing up, we learned in school that democracy meant "Majority Rules with Minority Rights". Does that sound familiar to anyone out there?

In short, it was explained to us that laws and such were made with the "majority" in mind, but that they could not trample on or strip away "minority" rights. Sounds right. Sounds easy enough, right?

So why is it the "minorities" have more "rights" these days? Example: Faith.

There are statistics of many kind stating that the majority of all Americans consider themselves Christians. Some studies say over 80%. But no matter what study, it always seems to be over 50%. So, you could easily argue that the "majority" of Americans are Christians. Right?

At least once a week I emailed something from someone stating that yet something else has been "taken away". First we had to stop prayers at the beginnings of our school games. Now I hear that they cannot mention "Jesus" in prayers in certain branches of the military anymore. (believing in Jesus is the ONLY way to qualify as a Christian. It is the only requirement).

Why are we taking so much of what the majority of Americans believe away from them? So the minority feels ... What? Less out of place? More accepted? Less irritated? I don't know. No one told them they HAD to participate. So why should the rest of us, the MAJORITY, be punished for the FEW that don't like it? Seems to go against what I was taught. However, that seems to be the norm more and more. The few people of any "minority" situation, want things THEIR way. (and no this is NOT about race. I'm not like that.)

We live in a predominately Christian country. The WORLD knows this. Why is it so hard for it's citizens to accept? The difference is, here, although we are mostly Christians, we would never dream of telling you it's illegal to worship Buddha, Allah, or anyone else. Freedom of Religion. You don't have to be with majority, but that doesn't, DOES NOT, give you the right to stomp on the rights of that majority. You made your choices. They are not with "Christians". Ok. So what! You know where you live. You have your rights. Quit trying to change the country into what you, the minority, wish it to be. You don't have to participate in our prayers. No big deal. Here in the country, you won't be jailed or killed for that.

I thought THAT is part of why America was so great. Because you could come here and worship whomever without fear for your life. So many other countries are not like that. But, look around. You know which countries are Muslim. You know which ones are Buddhist. Just like you know you America, is Christian. It's part of our culture. It's just not one we force you to accept.

Why is this part of our culture being stripped away because the minority feel offended? I don't understand that. You wouldn't (and don't I believe) find that in any other country.

The way I see it, Christians are the majority. We should have the right to pray wherever, whenever. Even at public gatherings. The minority has the right not to participate in the prayer without fear of jail or death.

So why is it, our prayers must now be changed or not said at all, just to satisfy the minority? Who KNOW they are the minority!

Nope, I just don't get it.

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