Saturday, December 3, 2011

a request

For those of you who are not regular readers, we just found out my grandfather's cancer has spread. They were asked about Hospice care. Hospice is called in when you have 6 months or less left).

I need someplace to let it out, and my blog gives me that opportunity. Now I have my head screwed back on right (well as right as it's ever been I suppose. lol)
I still need a place to put down my thoughts, my prayers, my feelings. And this is it.

So to the few readers I have, I apologize. But my blog is personal. It's about me, my feelings, my thoughts, how I perceive things, what I think. I'm not a paid a blogger and I don't blog on any particular subject. I just write about whatever is on my heart or mind at the time. As Forrest Gump said, "You never know what you're gonna get".

I am going to ask you few readers a favor (other than putting up with me). Would mind, on occasion, saying a prayer for my family. We are going through a difficult time, it's not likely to get much easier anytime soon. If you could, just whenever you think of it, we would really appreciate it.

I'm not sure how my Grandmother can do this. I have never known. She continues to amaze me with the strength and grace she is handling all this with. It is my prayer, that God shower her with even more strength and grace in the days to come.

My mom and aunts... Each one has had to overcome a personal tragedy of some kind already. Whether it was the death of a husband or son. Or whether it was a battle with cancer. Now, they must each muster up the strength and courage to say goodbye to their father, and yet be there for their mother. They all (when the time comes) must mourn and be supportive. But due to past family tragedies, it is something I know they can do, and do well. They are able to be there and support family when it's needed most. Even when it's just as painful for them. They are an amazing group of women. It is my prayer that God will shower them with the strength and grace they will need in the coming months as well.

Father, please be with my family. Shower upon us your grace and mercies. Give us strength enough for each day. And when we feel we cannot stand a moment longer, hold us up with your loving arms. Help us to feel your comfort in the coming days, weeks, and months, Lord. Please. Help us not to squander a moment of what's left in the days of good man's life. Help him to know how much he is truly loved and adored.

Father, be with my Grandfather now. Help him to manage his pain. Comfort him. Give him peace. And when the time comes Father, I ask that you take him in his sleep, as painlessly as possible.

Thank you, Father, that we have the chance to "get our house in order" this time. We have time to prepare ourselves (help us prepare ourselves please), and to say our goodbyes. I'm thankful that this time, it is not all of a sudden. Although honestly, I'm not sure which was is better. To know and prepare, or to be taken off guard....

Father, I pray that his pain will not be prolonged. Please. Have mercy on him. I pray for his soul father. I pray that he will find peace and rest in Heaven at Jesus' side. I pray for his salvation.

Be with each member of our family now, please. Help us to process and cope. Help us to be there for each other, and him. Help us to make this Christmas the best he has ever had.

In Jesus' name, amen.

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