Saturday, August 27, 2011

What's on your list?

A friend of mine posted on Facebook today some things she has always wanted to do. And this got me thinking, what are some of the things I have always wanted to do? What's left to be done?

I have come to realize I am not an ambitious person. My list is not full of fun and exciting things. And most of it seems to be accomplished. Some of what's on my list is the most simple and basic things.

Get Married: Check

Be a Mom: Check check check

Be a good mom: only time will tell

Give my husband a son: not going to happen now, but I'm okay with it. =)

Fly on a plane: Check

Take a train: ? to be completed

Bungy Jump: Did this at an amusement park. Scared the snot out of me! But I did it!

Get Married on a beach: ? I can renew my vows there I suppose, so to be completed

Swim in ocean water so clear you can see the bottom: Check

Go a tropical place: Check

Go to Atlantis: Check

Drive a Ferrari: ? to be completed

Have a professional massage: check

Spend a Christmas with my extended family up in New England. Rent a place out. Cut down our own tree, make hand made decorations. Only gifts we bring are for the kids. Just good ole' family time complete with snow: ? to be completed

Go to Disney World with my family: Check

Build our own house: Check

Have a brand new car: Check

Win the lotto: ? Guess I should start playing if I want to win. lol To be completed. lol

Take my family to a secluded beach: ? To be completed

Visit California: ? To be completed

See New York around Christmas: ? to be completed

Vacation in Maine (summer): ? to be completed

Volunteer at a soup kitchen: ? Waiting until the kids are older. I want them to do it too.

Learn Italian: ? to be completed

Swim with dolphins: CHECK

Snorkel: ? to be completed

Laser Eye Surgery: ? to be completed

Hang glide: ? To be completed...maybe. Between my nerves and hate of flying...not sure why I want to do this one. lol

See, I'm not the ambitious type. No mountain climbing. No climbing the corporate ladder. No record breaking. No job things listed at all because all I have wanted to be is a mommy and wife. And really no travel outside the United States. I use to want to go to Germany and visit family, and visit France and Israel. But I can't stand to fly. So those are out! And I'm okay with it. lol

The only other thing I have wanted for a long while is out of my control. And that's for my husband to propose again, a romantic way, with a gorgeous ring for our anniversary. He'll never do it. I am coming to terms with this. I still love the big botch-a-ga-loop.

So all and all, I'd say that most of my list is done. And what isn't, there is still is plenty of time for. Hopefully, when my time comes, I can say I have done all these things. My list may not be fancy, but it's all mine.

What's on your list?

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