Friday, August 12, 2011


We've finally pretty much settled into our new place. I love it here. I even love our neighbors. I have met a few of them, and every one here seems so open and nice. =) It's refreshing!

The kids got to play with some of the girls on our street today too. I really believe life here is going to be good.

All that being said, I think I am on the verge of an emotional train wreck. At least tonight it feels like it.

I have been in an extreme amount of pain this week. Ends up I was diagnosed with TMJD earlier this week. BLAK. There is no "cure". Just different ways to manage symptoms when they flare up. Stress being a major factor in flare ups. And it's the only one we can think of that may be causing mine.

We just moved. BIG stress. Then there is the transferring the kids schools, which could have gone smoother (lets just put it that way). Then there is tying to get all their school supplies and such in order.

Now I'm on to planning my sister's bridal shower. I LOVE doing it, but it can be stressful too. I just want it to be something she'll love and always remember.

Our first month's bills here in the new place will be coming in the next few weeks and yes, I stress over what they will be. A LOT!! I can only hope to be pleasantly surprised. But we jumped up about 800 sq ft in size. I'm definitely stressing over what this is going to do to our finances. Especially with a wedding coming up, then my daughter's bday and the holidays.... I know I am jumping ahead. But that's what I do. I try to think ahead where finances are concern (try). I'm definitely stressing.

The past few days, even though my pain levels have been really high, I have made sure to make sure my girls have had great days. That thought makes me smile. Knowing they are happy. They are enjoying what's left of their summer. =)

I don't know. Tonight, I sit here, typing, and I crying. It's not just the pain. I don't know what it is. I guess I have just felt overwhelmed maybe? I still have more to do before this place before I declare us officially all settled in. But I need my hubby's help for that. And his schedule has been a bit nuts lately. It's nice that we're mostly settled.

I clean everyday! EVERY DAY!! Something! I feel like if I don't, it would be easy to miss something and fall behind. It's a bigger house. It takes more work. And it's a home I proud of. I want to keep it that way.

What is wrong with me? Why do I feel like crying? I should be on cloud 9! And I am! BLAH!! I hate this. I feel like a weak, whiny baby. GRRRRR! I never have handled pain well. I will admit. I am a wimp. Maybe the medicine they have me on has something to do with it all? Can I at least blame the steroids? lol

Hopefully I can work out eating pizza and wings tomorrow night, crack open a cold beer, and watch our opening pre-season game (I haven't taken my meds today, so hopefully I won't need them tomorrow too). Hopefully I can give my kids another good day, no matter my health. Hopefully this will be a really good weekend.

Typing this out has helped. =) I feel a bit better already. Maybe I just needed to vent. Tomorrow should be a good day. We're going to play it by ear...but doing that so far has worked out great! =)


  1. Dear Noey,
    You're in my prayers. Keep a positive outlook!