Sunday, February 16, 2014

Why I am in favor of Valentine's Day

Ah yes.... that day... that time of year when men and women set out to show their love for one another. For some it's a day of joy. For others it is a big disappointment. I heard the argument for some time now that couples should show their love for one another every day, not just on Valentine's Day. And I have to say, in theory, I agree with that!!! Couples SHOULD show their love for each other on a regular basis, not just one day a year. But here's the problem with that.... Life sometimes gets in the way. I support Valentine's Day. Why? Well, not because it feeds our economy which clearly needs the lift. lol But for other reasons. I think if couples who are totally in love and want yet another day to prove it or show it, then good for them! Who are they hurting? No one! They are boosting our economy while doting on their loved one. Good for them! But, there is also the other side. The couples who get caught up in day to day life. The couples who love each other, but due to circumstance they can't always control, life has gotten in the way. Valentine's Day is a day for them to set aside to try and rekindle their romance. It's a reminder that "Hey you!!! You need to show the one your with what they mean to you!" What's so wrong that? Sometimes some people need that. Yes, in theory, couples shouldn't need a day to remind them. But have you ever had marital issues? Have you ever dealt with the illness of child or the death of loved one so severe, it consumed your day to day lives? Or how about a job loss that lasted for months and effected your lives in ways you never expected? Ever had an in-law have to come live you, and you become their care taker? Maybe even on top of raising your kids? Valentine's Day can become the wake up some couples need to re-connect and find that spark again. It can be the first step down a path to the romance they once had. Should couples show their appreciation every day for each other? Sure! Yes! HELL YES!!! And if you are in one of those kinds of relationships, cherish it!!!! Because a lot of couples find that life gets in the way sometimes. And sometimes they need a day to come along and kick them in the pants and get them motivated. Sure... the day was most likely invented just to boost sales. But if it also helps some couples re-connect, then what's so bad about it? Like or hate it, it's here. And sometimes, it has results no one ever imagined possible. ;) So cheers! To all the couples who have it together, to all the couples who are working on it, and to all those looking for mr. or mrs. right. There is always hope.

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