Monday, July 8, 2013

Same ol' shit different day

Glass half empty, Glass half full
No matter how you see it, half ain't full

Life throwin me the same ol' shit, different day
As if I really wanted life  to turn out this way

Loneliness is a hard burden to bare
Life so full in some ways,in others,there is no one here to share

Was never meant to do it all alone
never wanted too
But life has it's plans all it's own

No point in cryin, No point in tears
Just pick yourself up, And watch the years

Pass you by as every day
you do the same thing, and hope for change

Promises made and always broke
Your promises are nothing but jokes

So I live this lie every day
that everything is fine and we're okay

One day our birds will leave our nest
What happens then?  What happens next?

Two strangers in a house we'll be
When will you wake up and see?

What you call life is passing us by
And the two of us aren't on the same ride

Bound by love, bound by chains
Bound by vows, but who's to blame?

I suppose we both played our part
in tearing what we had apart

Hope in us has been long gone
A friend forever, but no more love song

It is what it is, whatcha gonna do?
Make another promise or two?

Don't even bother this time, I know how it ends
Broken promises once again.

Same ol' shit, different day
Life wasn't suppose to be this way.



  1. this is so sad:(

  2. I hope things got better since I wrote the last time.:(

  3. Is everything ok? I haven't seen an updated post yet.:(

    1. Dearest Anon... Life has it's ups and downs. And marriage is no different. But since this post we have work hard and are now functioning as full blown team. Thanks for your concern. You have a very dear heart. I am very grateful to report that my things are well on this front. Sometimes you get comfortable...and take each other for granted. It happens. But it's good to talk about it and work it through it. ;)

    2. I don't always post my blog entries on FB. But if you follow it you can see in the margine where I have made more entries. Here is the link to the post that followed this one: