Wednesday, July 6, 2011

If anyone from my other blog follows this one.....

This was sent to me the other day via Email. The house we have rented the past 2 years...we always called our transitional house. I am sharing this not only because did I feel it home with us coming to end of our transitional period, but because I also know a few others who are still in theirs. God speed my friends.

The Email:

The realization struck me that we are at the end of a two-year transition. It's been a rather difficult two years with lots of changes, and we have to let go of things that represented safety and security to us. As I pondered this time of transition, I could see that God has brought us to a higher and yet a more profound place in Him that we would not have discovered or achieved apart from this transition. And, I rejoiced. Then, I heard the voice of the Lord: Beloved, you have indeed completed this time of transition, but there are many others who are not quite in the same cycle and await their time of conclusion. I speak to those who still cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel, and I tell you that I am with you to bring you also to a higher place in Me. Your security is not in worldly positions or things that you possess, but in your eternal relationship with Me. Trust Me to bring you through.


  1. Amen and I agree 100%. This really puts things into perspective. :)