Saturday, June 25, 2011

Atlantis! Part 1

So, hubby and I won a trip to Atlantis! It was amazing! Our adventure started at the airport. We realized we were NOT sitting together. As a matter of fact, they overbooked the flight and he was on standby!

I freaked. I have never flown before and there was NO way I was getting on a plane for the first time without him. NOPE!! NOT HAPPENING!! The MOST awesome check-in lady got us 1 seat apart in coach. SHEW!! Not thrilled, but better. I was still freaking a little, but trying to make the best of it. A few minutes later she came over to us and asked us for our tickets. She came back and gave us NEW tickets, 1st class tickets!! We were bumped to 1st class!! WOOHOO! For free! And I got to sit with my hubby!! =) She even got on the plane before we left to wish us well. Here she is, our hero!:

I was incredibly sick the WHOLE ENTIRE FLIGHT! I have realized, I am one of those people who just cannot fly. But, here are some awesome views from the window:

I was sooooo happy to be on land again!! And as we entered the airport, a local bohemian band was playing island music to welcome us. NICE!! We were all then taken to our shuttle and off to the hotel. Let me warn you now, NO ONE can drive down there. It's crazy!!!!

We stayed at The Royal Towers. Here is are some crappy pics of the fountain that greated you:

The architecture in this place alone is enough, but the attention to detail is just jaw dropping. Here are just a few pics of what awaits you in THE TOWERS

(this is one part of an 8 part mural telling the story of Atlantis....on the ceiling)

Atlantis is over 140 acres of pools, water fountains, water falls, water slides, and aquariums, and natural sea life preservation areas. AMAZING!! And then all the stuff they have for you to do.... (dolphin play, sea lion interaction, deep sea adventure, feeding rays, para sailing, ect.)

And the water!!! It's even more pristine and beautiful in person than in any picture. No picture ever taken has ever, or will ever do it justice! Here are some pictures:

(The Harbor at Atlantis. Yes, that is REALLY the color of the water)

These are views from the top of one of the water slides

There is, of course, the Casino. NICE!! There is a club both above the casino and a smaller one on the casino floor. They have a top notch spa as well. Then there are the special activities such as snorkeling, feeding rays, dolphin interaction, sea lion interaction, .... too many to name. And the have more things for kids to do there than you could EVER imagine. It is most definitely geared more toward families. But couples and singles have plenty to do too. There are even tunnels leading down underneath Atlantis to explore that allow you you look closer into some of the giant aquariums. Here are some pics of the glass sculptures in the Casino:



(at one of the entrances to the casino. Weighs 15 tons!)

(close up)

And I don't think I have ever tasted food sooo good!! But, it isn't cheap. It's expensive. One bottle of water is $4. Breakfast is at The Marketplace is $25... A PERSON! But it is amazing. You can have just about any breakfast food you want. Cereal, eggs, omelets,pancakes, waffles, french toast, fruit, breads and bagels and muffins, there is no end to the food or drinks.

And I had a steak at the Atlas Bar & Grill that was THE BEST STEAK I had EVER had!! I even cut it with a butter knife!! It was soo tender and juicy and flavorful!

If you ever go, bring enough $$$ to eat with! ;) There are several places inside the buildings to eat, as well as a few places out doors to grab some grub.

Here are some pics of the water/beaches/coves, they are breath taking! Again, no picture will ever do.

(random guys...ignore them)

Now you may be wondering how in the world we got pictures from on top of a water slide. Easy! We were given a free waterproof Kodak Play/sport camera by his company! Waterproof up to 10 ft! =) Here are some underwater pics hubby took with it:

(Some of the smaller fish we swam with. There were bigger ones, but they're camera shy. lol)

Atlantis isn't a place you visit. It's a place you experience. And you get so busy experiencing it, you forget to take pictures. lol

On our last night there we were treated to a great show/feast. But that is on my hubby's phone and I am waiting to get those pics from him, along with some others from our trip. When I can FINALLY get them, I'll make a post of those.

This last pic is at the Airport before we left. =(
(yes...that's me at the top...not that you can tell. lol)

We had a wonderful time, but I really missed our girls. I was so happy to be headed back home, and to my children. I said this to others, but I'll tell ya'll too: The Bahamas are GORGEOUS!! But THE MOST BEAUTIFUL thing I saw were my girls faces when we got home. ♥

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