Wednesday, July 20, 2016

True Randomness

I have so much going through me right now.  So much I can't give actual details too, and yet.... I have to get it out.

My family is going through so much right now.  We are in a time of turmoil, healing and growing.  And it sucks and yet, I have the highest hopes.

We are expecting visitors in a month's time.  And I am so excited to see them again.  Truly.  But They also have ties to someone who abandoned us and hurt us, with no just cause.  And as excited as I am to reconnect, I am also very weary.  It sucks to feel like this.

Then there is this amazing young women.. the daughter of an old childhood friend who lost touch with in the past 10 years or so.  This girl seems so amazing.  She reminds me so much of one of my own daughters in so many ways.  And love I have always had for her is still there and just as it has always been.  Thank God for the internet.  For I am finally able to see what a wonderful person she is.  I miss her mom terribly.  And yet I am so happy at the woman I see her daughter becoming.

Like I said, my family has our own issues.  And I feel torn between loved ones.  I pray I make the right choices.  I pray for healing in our home and family.

Life is crazy.  That's for sure.  It's a very bumpy, curvy ride.  But I am in it for long haul.  And I am all too thankful for those who are in it with me.

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  1. Life is a bumpy ride for sure! My family (three sisters and their husbands and kids) has been having plenty of arguments and just annoying squabbles lately. I truly cannot wait for school to start so that the busyness can return so we don't see each other so much. �� God bless you and your family.
    Nikki from Ohio